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I am thinking about getting and air shifter for the Busa and wanted some input and what people thought. Should I go with all Air shifter or Electric over air? What are the Pros and Cons. Who make a good product? And formost what are some of the prices out there?
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Had an air shifter on my KZ1300cc 6 cylinder drag bike, it worked cat's ass!! They are great for racing but I just can't see the value on the road and you would need one with a compresser. The one I had for racing had a air button you would push it would trip a switch that would interrupt the ignition so the load would come off the transmission gears the the piston run by air would kick the shift lever. It all happend very fast and like I said it worked great.
The picture is of me with the KZ, the motor looked like some one stuck a pipe organ on a cycle frame six pipes out to open headers... had a sound like nothing else at the track

Pingel Enterprises at 2076C 11th Ave. Adams, WI 53910 phone # 608-339-7999 sells them.. The air shifter is made by M.R.E. and they are the best made shifters... Its been a long time so Im not going to guess at the price... Pingel sells a ton of things for race bikes....

One my V Max I had a straight electric shifter, In other words you kicked the shift but it has a contact with some relays on the shift lever to cut the ignition. It was from Dale Walker.. I could never get it to work right it would cause the bike to back fire real bad with every shift... I was never happy with it.. I was one of the first he made and sold.. I would guess his newer shifter like that is much better. Dale walker sold me a ton of stuff and it was all top line stuff, I talked with him in person several times. He does great work I would not let one so so item keep me from buying stuff from him. My Max with all Walker's stuff was an ass kicker... If the Busa never came along I would still be running my Max...

I'm with Max if your not dragging I don't see the necessity...Have you tried power shifting...

Max thanks for the ups on the site...
do you race? what would you need it for?
just wondering??

air and electric shifters can both work great but are mostly used for racing purposes only.
Got to schnitz racing .com they sell everything to race the busa. But air shifter on the street not real practice.
Hey guys thanks for the responses. one of the main reasons I had even thought about an air/electric shifter is to make it easier to shift when I'm in a wheellie. Got the idea from Superkaos website. But for right know I'm just thinking about it.
If you have not gotten your computer sys yet, I recommend the yosh ems. it has the options pkg including a clutchless shifter. It senses movement in the gear lever and momentarily cuts the fuel injection to a user specified millisend time so the clutch is not needed and there is no need to back off the throttle so your hands never move during a shift.
Kerberos thats what my V Max had that had all the bad back fires.... I would check around and talk with people henryace to make sure you find a good set up.. I don't know if Kerb has one or knows who has one but if he does, go with one that is known to run good... Mine is still laying in the bottom of my tool box only used for a short time....
I would go electric. Just make sure what else you have on the system, you may need a bigger battery Drycell 545 crank amps. [/QUOTE] Can you recommend who makes a good system and also can you recommend a good battery?
Openions are like A$$ Holes, and you are all entitled to mine, but Mre Does make the best "air" shifter. This is the first air shifter kit exclusively design for the Hayabusa. It includes the MPS Air kill box, and aluminum air tank. air gauge bracket, and MPS kill box
This kit runs $319 from Schnitz

There is a wiring harness that is custom made for the Hayabusa, it is part number 1-0285 . For the first time installer this is a "have to have."

You are right in saying it makes shifting on one wheel easier. I use it for that at the track. If it comes up to quick screw letting out of it and possibly losing just hit the next gear.