Air box mods


I want to remove my flapper valve. How much do I grind out on the air box? Do I need to remap my power commander for the increased airflow?
For a full airbox mod you would just about remove the entire middle "layer" of the box. You would cut out all but maybe a 1/2-3/4 of a inch all the way around the inside of the box....then fill the box with black filter foam and TADAAA!! your FULL AIRBOX MOD is done.

In this pic...the red area needs to be removed.

#1 is the outside of the airbox
#2 is the area to be removed
#3 is the bottom of the airbox

First I want to say thanks to the info on the air box mod. I did it on my '99 and it definitely gave it a bit more pep. Second, in order to do the mod, I found it highly effective to use a Roto-Zip bit in a drill. It makes for a very clean cut and only takes about 3 minutes to do the whole thing. Sure beats the hell out of trying to do it with a utility knife !!!
I would like to do the airbox mod but I'm a little worried what is use, what is the black foam used for? Does the heat off of the motor have any effect on the intake charge?
I checked that link that was posted and it was not there anymore. Can someone post what to do for the mods?? Thanks
Airbox modification:

The air filters are the BMC or K&N filters for the small airbox mod or the Uni-Flo foam for the large airbox mod.
And if you wanna do the airbox mod yourself and buy the foam. Click the link that Puck put up.
Dennis will sell yu all you want.

NO, the heat has no effect on the foam,
It's INSIDE that airbox and doesn't get hot.