Need to know how to proceed after installing these mods.

Yoshimura TRS full duplex system
Pair valve block off
Brocks air box mod- flapper removed
Power Commander USB

What map should be installed until I can get it to the Dyno.
Will the bike run okay until its tuned on the Dyno?
Power Commander web site only has map for Yosh duplex not airbox and Pair with it??? Help!!
You'll prolly be alright with the Yosh duplex map. Check for one with the aftermarket airfilter, might help a bit. As for the pair, don't think that'll make any difference as far as what map you run. Should hold you till you hit the Dyno.

Thanks, I saw a map for Yosh with aftermarket filter. I'll have to run that. I did'nt know just how bad it would be running. The dyno tune center I am going to is 2 hours away and i want to ride the bike to it. DONT WANT TO HURT THE ENGINE by running too lean.
The other map with the aftermarket airfilter option has also Stage 1 camshaft mentioned in it, if I remember correct. I'm not sure, but would that not be a problem?

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Busabrent, you also might wanna ask JohnnyChesse, he's a the man when it comes down to PC3 ?'s