After Market Seats/Skins Post ur pic's here


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Thanks to BigBSBusa for this Thread idea and post...
Wanna see all brands, all models (Gen I/II) including custom one offs here...
Show me your seats :poke:

Just got my Tobin seats and they look great! The pictures that BT posted when he received his are exactly how they look. Can't wait to get them installed, but have to wait to finish my undertail mod. Will post pics once I put them on, but here is a comparison with the stock seats.

Thanks, Tobin!



Tobin does great work!! Matched both bikes nicely... Hi Pashnit!!! I absolutely love your website!! I will post these pix on your site too!!!!




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I just got my seat from Tobin and I was so excited that I had to take some really crappy pictures to show everyone. Here they come:



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I couldn't be happier so far.  I Got BulletTrains From him...  Hell of a nice guy to do business with.  

The reduction of weight on my wrists is really what I noticed first.  You figure it must have dropped me about 2"s lower than that damn stock seat. I'm not resting on the bars, but when trying to relax a little the angle makes it hard not to...  Really does feel like I am down in the Busa now...  I like it... More of a Part of the machine...

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Here is a pics of my seat. I am really happy with it, I did not get the rear one done though.



ok, just got my seat back today. looks great. from the time i sent it out until i got it back was only 7 days. very happy and super quick in getting this done. nice job Tobin.

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