Seat Re-Upholster


Hey all.
I found this site a couple years ago and have been lurking hard but just now getting around to putting up a post.

When I found this site, in 2020, I found a link to Tobin seats for custom work. By the time I had found it, it appears Tobin seats had been turned into New Image Seats. Their last post was in April of 2020. Links to their pricing exists but links to their lettering, color and fabric, design options, etc. all seem to go to pages that no longer exist.

Anyone happen to know if they still exist or if there is an alternate company that is recommended for custom seat work? Looking to have my 2012 Busa seats redone and really fell in love with the type of work I was seeing on Tobin/New Image.

Thanks in advance
Thanks HayaWakened. I did see their site but wasn't too impressed with the options there, they don't seem to do the type of custom work I was looking for, or at least they didn't have images to show it was what I would want.

What I am currently finding is similar seating on a site called

Still listening to recomendations, though!
Pretty much any quality automotive upholstery shop would be able to recreate a Tobin saddle, it was just a stock seat with the foam cut down and recovered with some fancy vinyl and stitching.
Over rated in my opinion, unless you are super short.

kml, over rated or not, I am enjoying customizing my busa to what I want. Custom wrap, gauge cluster, exhaust, grips, bar ends, etc. Why not do the seat as well? Doing all of this is useless other than aesthetics, except maybe the exhaust, but I am able to afford it and enjoy doing it!

I have definitely considered looking locally but trying to make sure the company could do the raised additional sections on the back, and all the custom stitching I just get concerned. Going to a company that has a proven track record of making it happen is always better than shooting in the dark.

Appreciate the input though.

BigBSBusa, thanks! I will try to reach out directly!
You may be on to something thee @BigBSBusa !
I went back to the default page and tried a different way and was able to see some materials. Trying to get back to the page I was at where it wasn't working so I could possibly upload a photo to show but either way it is working when I do something different.
Still, I wrote Lee directly now as well, hoping to get it done.
I had lee do my seat a couple months ago. 3rd seat he's done, 3rd generation of seat as well. Zero regrets.

I also had issues finding materials on his site. I just told him to use the typical black he uses and pearl white for the color, if not use basic white.




Are these cut seats really more comfortable? My legs get numb after about an hour and the wife's but gets sore on the back.
Can't help with the soreness caused by the backseat since my wife complains about mine as well on the rare occasions I can get her on the bike. I can tell you I had issues with numbness from the factory seat as well as the suzuki gel seat but when I put my saddlemen gel channel track seat on almost all that stopped. The only downfalls I found is it does raise you up an inch or little more which takes you out of the "pocket" but you get used to that, the other thing is it doesn't meet at the tank as nicely as the oem but nothing bad enough to bother me, and the last thing is the price but to me it was with every penny because without it I can't ride more then an hour without having issues. I have wanted to take my sick seat in and get it cut to look like the saddlemen with the channel since that's what helps keep the numbness away I just haven't ever got to it.