Adjusting Idle???


My 05 Busa tends to shut off on its own at idle or coming to a stop. I found that the bike idles way to low. What I am trying to do is, adjust the idle of it bringing the RPM's up to 1k to 1200k. The issue I am running into, is I got the idle where I wanted, but when you turn the handle bars to the right the rpms jump up alot and the throttle sticks. I was told by a Kawi rider that with their bikes, there is an rpm adjuster you can adjust by turning the screw and looking at the rpm gauge, and NOT have to adjust the actual throttle cable.

I have been tinkering with the throttle cable, and just cant seem to find the sweet spot that brings the rpms where I need them at idle, and to where the throttle doesnt stick or rpms raise when I turn the handle bars to the right. Do we have a screw we can adjust, or do I just have to keep tinkering with the throttle cable. Please respond as soon as possible. I am on lunch break, and need to have this right within the next hour so I can ride back to work. Please help.
You have too much tension in the throttle cable. Raise the tank and on the lower right side of the throttle bodies you will see a thumb screw. Turn that to raise the idle to 1250 rpms. Then loosen the throttle cable until it no longer affects idle. You risk a danger with the throttle cable being too tight. Put some locktite on the thumb screw. I had to adjust my 05 about every six months.
The idle adjustment is done under th tank. The adjustment in the cable is to get the correct slack in the cable b
Okay thanks. Also sixpacks, that link didnt work for me. I will try and pull that link up at work. Thank you for the quick responses.
Do you have risers installed ? Sounds like the fast idle cable. It can get tight when risers are installed. Otherwise follow the advise for adjusting idle and fast idle cables. The idle on the Gen I needs to be right or the bike won't be.