idle problem


'06 BUSA-idle keeps going down. I adjust idle to about 1150 rpms and within a couple of weeks idle is below 1000 rpms.I've adjusted idle screw so much, fast idle wouldn't work. I took to dealer, he adjusted it and fast idle screw, says it normal maint not warranty. Three weeks later my idle is back down to 900 rpms. Any ideas?
try a dab of locktite on the screw   its normal though    mine does the same thing       and welcome
Typical problem. Probably need some Loc-Tite, 'cause the screw keeps backing out. The spring is pretty weak, and doesn't seem to hold the screw in place.
I don't think it's the screw backing out, because that doesn't explain how the screw on the choke,so called, wouldnt even touch the cam where you adjust the idle (The idle screw was turned so far in, choke wouldn't do anything). The dealer had to break the seal on the screw in order to screw it in so it would push on the cam when I used the choke to increase idle speed.
My is the same way and so is my wifes'.

Just adjust the fast idle so it works, it also has a screw that you can adjust.
One of the minor issues we have to deal with to get the Major benefits from our beloved Busa's
Adjust both the idle and fast idle to factory specs and use some Loctite