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On May 9th at 12:19am, our little girl (Little Bird!) finally arrived!:cheerleader::cheerleader::cheerleader: Karen went through 17 hours of labor, but went natural for 10.5 hours. She was a real trooper until they upped the contractions with Pitosin to the point she was exhausted. Then she requested the Epidural, which I cant blame her. We had a minor issue with that which scared everyone, but the nurse on hand and I got her and Linh back to normal. My mother and I had a hand with helping Karen with the delivery of Linh (We both held one leg and helped Karen with pushing Linh out). It was an honor for me and my mother to help bring our little girl into this world. Karen is loving being a mother!:thumbsup: Sorry for the late post, but I have been running on no sleep going between home and the hospital, while Karen has been attending to Linh's needs.



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Baby birds finally done baking in that oven eh? Woohoo!
Bet mommas happy to get that load out.
A joyous day indeed. Thank you God.

Has she had her first bowel movement yet? All the nurses and Drs rejoiced when Adam finally dropped a chalupa because then they knew all the plumbing was working too.
I even took a pic. It was a proud day for dad when my little buddy took his first crap :laugh:


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She is soooooo beautiful!!! When I posted up on FB for Karen to get the drugs quickly, I wasn't kidding :laugh: It's very admirable to try to go without 'em, but once that pain is unbearable, you can't get 'em fast enough.

I'm so glad everyone is healthy and happy and I can't wait to meet Lihn!! Take good care of your girls!! :thumbsup:


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Thank you! All of you for the kind words! Saiid yes the first #2 was a big deal... and she passed with flying colors! It was when I got to hold her 6 hours later she had her first #2 in my arms.:thumbsup: Yes, crap on daddy!:laugh: But the nursing staff was happy! Karen and Linh are currently home. Its going to be busy with in-laws in the next few hours. I am trying to help Karen get settled in. She is happy to be home!


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Way to go to you ALL! She's born the day before mine (5/10); perfect time to have a baby she's got all summer to get big and healthy before winter comes.

Soooo...I got one question to ask you: There is a MOMENT when all time stops and things change forever...mine was when my daughter grabbed my finger the first time and held on...what was yours? That moment will be indelibly imprinted upon you the rest of your life.

Edit: THIS was the moment...


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