Early Bird made it home EARLY!


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Hey everyone:

I made it home safe. I left around 8pm. The travel home SUCKED after the 300 mile mark of trip of the 540 miles. I rode most of I40 with spots of rain. Took back roads from Tarbore NC into Suffolk Va to miss the nasty fronts coming through. Sheets of thick rain the whole way home. Beat the very big storm front by 10 minutes once I made it to Karens home at 530am. I was soaked to the core! Swapped socks and clothes for dry ones 3 times. My boots were full of water, but wrapped plastic bags around my feet to keep from having wet wet wet socks! Vabs and Crazyarch I am sorry I left without you both, I saw how bad the rain and temperatures were going to be and just wanted to get home. Glad you guys didnt make this trip with me! It was worse then the ride there!

Now for the good stuff..... I had a blast with all of the members there at the bash! Enjoyed meeting members that I have talked too for years but never met until now face to face. (Bashful Boo, Tiller, Joe... MacFasts Son in Law and more!!!) also enjoyed helping other busa members with there bike too! You know who you are! Look forward to the dragon and group photos! Again busa bash groupies I had fun!
Glad you made it safe and EARLY!!! Hopefully next bash I will get to be there and meet you!! Hope you dry out soon
Glad you got home alright, Tim. As always, it was great to see you again. :thumbsup:
glad you made it home....its not looking good weather wise for everyone
Glad you made it home safe Tim. I keep the plastic bags in my tank bag all the time just for the rain. They really work great and keep most of the water out
I just got back a couple hours ago. Stripped in the garage and ran to the shower. Stayed in there on hot for 35 minutes!

Bash was awesome and meet some great people. Can't wait until next year but I'm thinking trailer:whistle:
Tim it was a major blast ho'in up the dragon wit ya'. I can't wait to get the pic of us criss crossing.

Also enjoyed rooming with ya. By the way did you lose a roll of money wrapped with a rubber band?

I found the rubber band :laugh: