A few questions


I've been trying to get a motorcycle for a few years, and I love the Hayabusa, but I've never ridden before.  Would it be too much for me to learn on? My dad used to ride, so he could help me out.

Thanks for any help.
Your gonna get alot of mix view on this.  But dude on a serious note if you never ridn even on dirt.  I say "not "even if you got alot of wrist control .  If the dealer let you test ride one you'll see exactly what I'm talkn about.  Good luck on your quest Playa.  What does your Dad think about your first bike being a Busa? Soundz like he using you for an excuse to get a bike past ole MOM
Somebody got to take up the slack for RSD not being here:laugh:

if u have to go thru the parents at all.. i dont think u have the maturity for a busa for the first bike. the insurance i gaurantee u cant afford. and if u drop it for whatever reason do u really want to mess up such a nice bike.. i did learn on gsxr1100 but im older and respected it more than a younger guy would.. and with the busa i know better and refrain from doing stupid poop. younger guys have a way of doing stupid things (thats why insurance rates are higher if ur younger).. start smaller like a 600 thats still enuf to get ur ass into trouble! but thats my .02 and oh by the way.. theres always exceptions to the rule! u may be that exception but i dont know u personally to judge
Dude, read some of the other posts...  

1, Go take the nearest MSF Basic Rider Course.
2, Buy a "nice" bike 1st, like one you can get for less than $2500, a 600 or a 750 something.
3, Learn it, thrash it, trash it (hopefully not crash it)... (sell it)
4, Buy the Busa and the rest will be EZ

Welcome BJ... er, uh, don't let Vermin get ahold of that nickname!


Anyway, what they said (as usual)... Get a Suzuki Bandit 600. Take the MSF beginner's course and ride the bandit for a year!

Then, take the MSF advanced course and ride a little more.

Before the busa, I would even move to a smaller sport style... Perhaps a 900 Ninja or something along those lines to get the feel for a "quick" sport bike. Ride that for 6 months or so.

Then, get the bus... After you have had the bus for 3 months, go back to the advanced class (since you take it on your own bike) and refresh on the bus.

Don't start into wheelies (and don't BS me by saying, I would never) until you have 6 months or 2000+ miles on it too. Then, and only then, start small and work your way up carefully and with proper gear.

BTW - get yourself some good gear (i.e. leather jacket, gloves, boots, [maybe even leather pants if you can afford them]) before getting ANY bike. If you can't afford the essential gear, you can't afford to ride!

'nuff said bro. ENJOY!
I guess I'll look into something smaller.

What about a Katana 750?  Also, is there a big national publication with motorcycle listings?  Like Hemmings or something?

Thanks the help, everyone.
Welcome to the board Bj.
Everyone else has it covered......buy a 750 Kat or VFR750 or something like that........you'll be glad ya did if ya take a little spill........you don't want to messy up a $10,000 bike.
Take the course.....ride the cheaper bike for a few months then come back next year with a vengance.
Be safe dude.
Welcome to the board Bj.The Busa is one of the best bikes out there if not the best. If you have no riding experience it really is to much bike to learn on. Even experienced riders need to be careful when first riding a bike with the power of the Busa. Start with something smaller 500-750 new or used for a year or two. MSF safety training would be a good idea too. When your ready move on up to the Busa. It's your choice on what to do. Bikes are expensive and only take time and money to repair. One bad decision on one of todays SUPERBIKES and I mean SUPER because they really are it could all be over before you know it.
Where do you attach the training wheels ? Seriously get a smaller,lighter machine to learn on and take your road test. Then after a year of riding its really more feasable. Welcome to the board.

I'll go with the consensus on this one. Buy a smaller bike and buy a USED one... Nothing worse that dropping a Busa. My first was a Honda CBR 600, nothing fancy but enough to learn to pull wheelies and not worry about wrecking. Plus the Busa is about a Buck fitty heavier!! That poop's different going into a twisty!! Plus the busa has got so much bottom that it takes a while even for one who has rode a while to get used that kind of torque. Nothing worse than highsiding cause you cracked the throttle to much!!
Guess I'm the "odd one out".......I say go for the "busa" if you can afford it. As long as you realize the power of the thing and your 'self preservation' runs high. Its not a 'trick bike' by any means but.....sorry guys.....I think learning is learning....doesn't matter what you're on. Hell, a 250 Yamaha can kill ya'. Hope you can also afford to replace high-dollar parts because you will eventually lay it down......just hope you're going slow when you do it...........
GO FOR IT. Yeah the busa is a pretty scary bike. But dont let anyone tell you what your limits are. It is up to you to decide what you are capable of. I have seen people learn on the busa before. I have seen expierenced riders bite the dust. So as you can see there will never be a set answer on this. It is up to the rider and circumstances. Best of luck. Stay safe.