A big block zx-12r owner i call bs on this video!


Give me a break

I mean come on, I have great respect for riders of the nasty fast busa's (big block and turbo) but this video is total BS and IMO degrades the real BUSA riders who don't make BS videos and go very fast.

Its entertaining but not realistic nice try guys. 250 mph topend
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Whatever ....damn fine wheelie though. I feel whimpie only wheelie in 1st and sometimes 2nd - whoa!



Iv'e hear the motorhead has gone 240 mph on a Busa? I think he has the title of fastest BUSA - no make that Fastest production street legal motorcycle in the world. Is this true......
This is a stock 2002 (SuperKaoss' bike from FL, I think) with 220 faceplates and changed sprockets (I forget the ratio). The speedo had not yet been corrected with a yellow-box, so it's still reading as if it were a 180 speedo.

This went around a lot of the car boards (vette, supra to name a few) a few months ago. If that had been a turbo, however, the numbers would much more closely correspond to reality.
Just for the records (and very fast ones at that) I have no idea how fast me busa is (cause the clock only reads 280klms) but it makes my mates 300KL/H look like a skate board (and it wheelies in fourth from 7,000rpm) the mods are JE race pistons, blue printed bottom end (balanced and polished) a set of Yoshimira "sick Cams" including a flowed and ported head and modified airbox. now it's off to the dyno.......and just over 100klms for the tank of juice.


There's no way this speedo reading was accurate. Just take a look at how slow he is passing those crossover lanes at 200+. Even slowing down to "120", he's passing those lanes like hes going 60.
Look closely at the video. You can see the rider in the Speedo; he starts sitting up around 160 when shutting his bike down?
Narcis, could ya tell me more about this Kaoss Bike, when you say stock ... is this produced by after market???
Thanx- Kent
when you say stock ...  is this produced by after market???[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
'Stock' means stock, as in 'straight off the showroom floor' stock (maybe a pipe, don't remember).

Speedo faceplates changed. Gearing changed. Nothing else.

SuperK does a lot of videos of his wheelies and stunts. This was just another one of them that he put on his site and wasn't meant to show 'speed' or anything, just for fun like all his other stuff. It just happens that some people from the car boards found it and it spread across the bike and car boards like wildfire, many people claiming it was a turbo and just as many claiming it was fake.

Remember that, as of yet, 2002 still has not seen a way to de-restrict the top end limiter. Even with a turbo, you'll still be stuck at 186 (300).
Ok it was a good wheelie but you all have Hayabusas at home will yours pull to 120 that fast his faceplate and gearing must be wrong especially cause I experience a pretty good head shake in 3rd when I come out of a wheelie on any bike I have ever owned going that fast the front tire stops and when you come down it has to start back up nice faceplates though do they make any white ones that look stock I like speedo but dont care for colored Tach
Damnit! Has anyone read my post? Right after I said it was, for a fact, a speedo faceplate and gearing change, everyone is still saying 'it can't be real'.

The speedo ISN'T accurate. The faceplate HAS BEEN changed. And the gearing IS different. (read: not MAYBE, but IS). Sheesh! I think I'll smack the next person that says, "something's wrong, that can't be accurate."

Damnit! Has anyone read my post? Right after I said it was, for a fact, a speedo faceplate and gearing change, everyone is still saying 'it can't be real'[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

yea get shitty!
no doubt though, its been said about 3 times now it IS fake

i wonder how many people on this site dont even read through the members posts, but instead just read the first msg, then resond


I'm sure you have already heard of the fast bikes mag, here in the Uk, but if you want to see real speed video's check out Mach 2 and return of the Mach 3.
There is no BS, these guys are "real riders and racers" track specialists etc.
Busa, ZX12R, Blackbird.

They really give them some stick on European roads.


Check out www.fastbikemags.com