99 fuel injector o-ring leaking.


Ok ill elaborate a little on this. About 3 yrs ago my fuel line started leaking so its been sitting all this time. I bought new fuel lines but the pump was not working anymore. Bought a used fuel pump that works and then the injectors were not working. Took them off, soaked them in boiling water and that freed them up. Ran some carb cleaner and worked them with a 9 volt battery. Installed everything back together and it fired right up. I let it run till the fan came on then let it idle for a bit. I shut it off let it cool and run it again till fan come back on. I shut it off and let it cool. Try to restart it and it didnt start. Tried again and then i could smell fuel after the fuel pump came on. The oring on top that goes tomthe fuel rail broke in half on one injector. I did put oil around the orings when putting them back in but thats beside the point. The bike is 13yrs old, the injection system is apart so its time to replace all 4 top orings on the injectors and i might as well replace the 6 on the fuel rail also as this bikes been sitting for years and i pulled it apart to clean it out.

Now is suzuki the only place to get these orings?
Will they even know what i am talking about? We dont have bright people at the local suzuki shop.
Anyone have part numbers for them?
How about the part number for the tank filter or do i have to buy the entire petock?
What else should i replace or look at before i put it back together n start riding again?
Should or can you take the fuel pump apart to see uf its clean?

Any input / help from you guys will be greatly appreciated.
Wine to a local bearing shop and bought some o rings. They were a little thicker but still worked but a tight fit. They were for today's fuel and costs .45 cents a piece. Total cost $5 for them all compared to $5 a piece through suzuki. Replaced the injectors and fuel rail o rings. Started right up and isn't leaking anymore.