74 yrs old


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Met these 2 very cool older gentlemen at a car show this past wknd and one has a cap that says 222.47 mph.
So ofcourse I inquire ... ?

He says "that was last year, 2 wks ago I did 240+ and the 2 front tires blew!"

I say's "wow! so who was driving?" He goes " I was!"

74 years old and still lookin for more speed, thats my kinda guy! Oh and his buddy who looked maybe 45 or so is a mere 64 yrs old! Both very cool and invited me up to their shop whenever I want in Redding, Ca. about 1 hr from my place.
They have blown so many front tires out at Bonneville they have now gone to billet they shaved out of 50 lb blocks.
havin tires blown out going that speed :super: I hope that i make make it to his age drivin at speeds like that :D