7.87 @ 182 Quickest Turbo Busa ?

Landspeed Larry

On March 22 Steve Knecum rode the Knecum-Forstall Turbo Outlaw Busa to times of 7.87, 7.92, & 7.88 @ 182 mph while testing at Atco, NJ. The bike uses the small NLR race kit and a MTC lock-up clutch. It has a 73" WB and uses a 7" MT slick. More to come we hope.
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Thnx Landspeed.. 7's 182mph gotta love it.
Anybody notice what color it is?
None other then the fastest Blue and Silver.
I think the bike was originally the fastest color, black and blue, but at that speed, peeled off the black to reveal silver.
Yeah, but if he could get that thing to go any faster, it would peel off the blue and reveal the true fastest color... Silver/Grey
... and S7RANGER say's "monochromatics are the fastest" hehehe, Blue&Silver ARE the fastest :)
One bad busa; thanks for the pic.

whats the pucker factor at 7 point somthing seconds in the quater?:super: :super:
There is a guy here in Oklahoma that supposedly has dual turbo's on his busa and runs it at Thunder Valley all the time..I hear that he talks alot of smack and tried to get people to race for money...Never seen him or this bike, but its supposed to be really fast...I had heard that he tries to get the drag bikes to run him....
Good job Steve!!!!

Mike Slowe ran 7.47@195 and then backed it up with a 7.53 in Gainsville. That was on his shootout bike.

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