World's Fastest "sit-on" Motorcycle Riders


Fastest “Sit-on” Riders in History
(Updated 5 JAN 2017)

Includes known results from
the 2016 and previous seasons.

Rider………..Major sponsor……..….…Speed(MPH).......
type bike…....track…….year……….…comments

  1. Bill Warner (Larry Forstall) 311.945....LSR....Loring..2010
    1.5 mile track Current world's best, USA best, and Loring track record

  2. ERIC TABOULI drag/rocket 281.47 mph Santa Pod England 2011 Current European best

  3. Joe Amo (Scott Guthrie) 272.610mph Bonneville 2009
    Bonneville fastest sit-on bike. 1000cc

  4. Dean Sabatinelli..(Scott Guthrie) 269.776 Busa Loring 20101.5 mile, World’s Fastest Stock Body motorcycle

  5. Billy Shoemaker (Bill Warner) 269.200....Busa Mojave 2011mile track @ age 70+
  6. Scott Davis 266.5mph Loring 2016
  7. Ralph Hudson (Ironwood) 266.399 MPH El Mirage 2016 1000cc
  8. Al Lamb (Al Lamb Honda) 265.598 Honda Bonneville 2012
  9. Frank Gillebaard 265.400....Busa....Elvington 2006 England
  10. Shane Stubbs (Scott Guthrie )265.181....Busa . Loring... 20091.5 mile (Stock Body )
  11. Becci Ellis (Mick Ellis) 264.1 Busa Elvington 2014 Fastest Woman
  12. Jack Frost (Holeshot Busa) 263.912 Busa Elvington .2015.England
  13. Richard Assen (A-ward) 263.+++ Busa Bonneville 2011
    One leg of a 2-way FIM record at Bonneville, Australia Best
  14. RASHID AL-HAJR( Hussain Al Sowaigh) 261.114 Busa Loring 2106---1.5 mile
  15. Thomas Cronan..(DAS Perf) 262.161 Suz1100 Loring 2011...
    Tom Gates 261.500....Busa Goliad 2010 1.0 mile
  16. Jorma Karjalainen.. (ANY10) 261.500....ZX14 Finland 2012
  17. Lee Shierts (Rich Yancy) 260.288 Busa Maxton ¦2005 1.0 mile
  18. Charlie Anstaett.(Dave Owen)259.856 Busa Maxton 2008 1.0 mile
    Stock body
  19. John Noonan (Noonan/Derwin)....259.+++....Busa Bonneville
  20. Greg Waters 258.1++ Busa Bonneville 2012
  21. Mika Syren Busa 257.900mph Elvington England 2014
  22. MIKE GARCIA (Richard Sims) 256.7 250 mph Club 2016
  23. Jason McVicar Scott Guthrie) 256.+++Busa Bonneville 2008
  24. Jon Mininno (Jack Wilson) 256.+++...Tri x 2 Bonneville1 992
    First sit-on bike over 250mph. Pair of '70's Triumph pushrod motors
    World's fastest sit-on pushrod engine bike. (His Age: 70+)
  25. Steve Bland 255.961mph Elvington UK 2016
  26. Wayne Pollack (Rich Yancy)255.543....Busa Maxton 2005 1.0 mile
  27. HOUSEIN ALSOWAIGH at 255.3 mph BUSA 2016 Loring
  28. Korry Hogan 255.00....Drag Valdosta 2011 1/4 mile
  29. Mark DeLuca (For-De-Kne) 254.+++ Busa Bonneville 2009 World's fastest All Motor (no turbo or fuel - just gasoline )
  30. RYAN OSTERGARD, 253.351 mph Loring 1.5 mile run
  31. Mark Seeley (Klawitter) 253.080 LSR Bonneville 2012
  32. Ben Beckert 252.806 Busa Goliad 2009 1.0 mile
  33. Ransom Holbrook (H&H Racing) 252.222mph 2016
    nitrous Busa Loring 1.5 mile.
  34. Brevon Scott 251.816 mph 2016
  35. Scott Guthrie (Rich Yancy) 251.147.Busa Goliad 2004 1.0 mile
    Record set when he was @ Age 60
    World and Goliad track record when run. (Now Age 72+)
  36. Steve Knecum (Larry Forstall) 251.134 Busa Bonneville 2004
  37. Edward Petrozzi (2 BAR RACING) 250.274 Busa Loring 2014
  38. Les Marsh 249.74 mph Elvington 2015 1.0 mile
    UK’s fastest grandfather
  39. Tim Leeper (Smithers Customs) 247.8 MPH
  40. Mike Grainger 249.100 Busa Elvington 2012 England
  41. Pat Womack(Wo-Tu-San) 247.663 Busa ElMirage....2011
  42. Larry McBride (PINGLE) 248.66 Drag Valdosta 20061/4 mile
  43. Terry Kizer (Scott Guthrie) 247.591 Busa Goliad 2008 1.0 mile
  44. Antti Pietil(TFM))246.992 Busa Finland 2012
  45. Scott Horner (Mark Gordon) 246.33....Busa Loring 2011
    Running Naked ! (without a fairing)
  46. Dennis Clanton (Hank Booth) 245.314...Busa Bonneville 2003.
  47. Kim Krebs 244.547 mph Bonneville BMST 2016
  48. Rich Yancy (Rich Yancy) 244.358 Busa Goliad 2004 1 .0 mile
    (He showed the way) built the bike for Guthrie, Shierts and Pollack too..Track record when run
  49. Walt Kudron (Dave Owen) 244.180 Busa Maxton 2007 1.0 mile
  50. Chris Hand 244.12....Drag¦...Valdosta 2009 1/4 mile
  51. Mike Grainger Hayabusa Turbo 244.073 mph Elvington 2016
  52. Jennifer Roberts (Johnny Cheese) 243.6 Busa Beeville 2012
  53. Joanne Stevenson (Holeshot) 243.5 Busa Elvington 2012
  54. Don Haas 243.111 Wilmington 2012 (1000cc)
  55. Tommy Grimes............. 242.54......dragster...... Seattle...........2013....1/4 mile

    Above are the names of the riders (and sponsors)
    that are the fastest sit-on riders in the world, no streamliners.

    One (1) listing PER PERSON.
    Unless otherwise listed,
    their single fastest speed

    Bonneville is flying start

    Some are ¼ mile standing start.

    Track lengths include: ¼ mile, ½ mile, 1 mile ,
    1.3 mile, 1.5 mile, distance not recorded and
    Bonneville style unlimited distance.

    Racing surfaces include: asphalt,
    concrete, dirt and salt.

    **(The Finnish speeds were run on a track
    with a maximum racing length of
    about 1.0 mile, but some racers used
    less that that length to achieve their results.)

    It is apparent from the track listings and dates that
    motorcycle LSR (Land Speed
    Racing) is now a true international sport.

    When will we see Japan, China, Brazil
    and the return of Russia ?

    Thanks to PiPPi of Sweden for the Drag information.

    Quickest and fastest bike list update - Page 91, etc

    Quickest and fastest bike list update - Page 98

    Thanks to Speedduck for the Finnish results.

    ** Conditional results, see below

    iB::Aihe::Suomen "virallinen" +200mph lista

    Mr. Duck lists the results), and gives us the link.
    (It is not clear to me if these results are based
    on a timing trap, radar, GPS, data or other method,
    but we will keep them on the list until
    there is a complete clarification)

    All speeds listed are OFFICIAL speeds.
    No GPS from “individuals,â€

    Not all timing organizations use the same
    speed measuring equipment.

    If you have additions or corrections,
    please FIRST PM me, or post.

    Ride safe, be lucky and fast in 2017 !

    Scott Guthrie
    Copyright 2016
    All rights reserved

    Given the choice, post the LINK to this site,
    and give the traffic to:

    Please Do NOT post elsewhere
    Without Permission

Steve Bland UK

Will there be a world record list for the 1 standing start mile ? (Non streamliner)

As here in the UK we will never be given the chance to run 1.5 mile or 2 mile, due to noise restriction on the event.

Many thanks Steve


WOW !!!

Ralph Hudson (IRONWOOD) 289 MPH Suzuki 1000 Bolivia 2017
Al Lamb (AL LAMB HONDA) 285 MPH HONDA 1000 Bolivia 2017

So: These two brave men jump to#2 and #3 on the list,
and begin a whole new era !



Ian King (Gulf Oil) Top Fuel Dragster 248.56 Europe

Born: September 15, 1961

Nine Time European Top Fuel Bike Champion
Former UK Top Fuel Bike Champion


with a 258.27 mph run at the ManCup dragrace
yesterday(Saturday) in Valdosta, Ga. USA.

Running his Top Fuel motorcycle through the
¼ mile timing traps, Mr. McBride has potentially
(pending backup) set BOTH ends of the motorcycle
¼ mile national record with a speed of 258.27 mph,
and an elapsed time of 5.61 seconds.
with a 258.27 mph run at the ManCup dragrace
yesterday(Saturday) in Valdosta, Ga. USA.

Running his Top Fuel motorcycle through the
¼ mile timing traps, Mr. McBride has potentially
(pending backup) set BOTH ends of the motorcycle
¼ mile national record with a speed of 258.27 mph,
and an elapsed time of 5.61 seconds.
Hi all. What was his ET at 1000 ft?

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