World's fastest motorcycle riders as of June 2019


Below are listed the world’s fastest
motorcycle riders, since the beginning
of time, on any type motorcycle,
including sidecar as of 1 January 2019

Name…major sponsor…speed….bike…

1.Rocky Robinson (Mike Akatiff) 394.084mph Streamliner @ Bonneville 2010
World’s fastest-period ! 2 x busa engines

2.Chris Carr (Denis Manning) 372.564mph Streamliner @ Bonneville2006
Fastest single engine

3.Sam Wheeler (EZ HOOK) 355mph streamliner @ Bonneville 2006
Fastest Kawasaki

4.Jimmy Odom (Mike Akatiff) 336.+++mph Streamliner @ Bonneville)

5.Don Vesco (Vesco Family) 333.117mph streamliner @ Bonneville 1978

6.Richard Brown (Rocket man ) 332.887mph jet/streamliner 1999
Fastest Rocket or Jet

7. Valarie Thompson (Denis Manning ) 324.+++mph streamliner@ Australia 2018 -
Fastest Woman.

8. Dave Campos (Joe Teresi ) 322.870mph streamliner @ Bonneville)
Fastest Harley, Fastest Pushrod

9. John Levie (Guthrie-Levie) 320+++mph streamliner-sidecar Bonneville 2018
(World’s fastest sidecar) 1300cc-single engine

10. Bill Warner (Larry Forstall) 311.945 Mod/street Loring 2010
Fastest street mod bike

11. Ralph Hudson 308+ mph mod street Bolivia 2018 FASTEST 1000cc
12.Dan Kinesy (Tenacious, S&S) streamliner @ Bonneville) 289mph
13Vance Breese (Counterman) 1994 Bonneville Streamliner 289 mph
14.ERIC TABOULI ¼ mile drag/rocket 286.47 mph Santa Pod 2011 worlds fastest drag bike
15.Al Lamb (Al Lamb Honda) 285++mph street bike 1000cc Bolivia 2017 world's fastest Honda
16.Boris Murray (Denis Manning) 278mph 1970’s Bonneville Streamliner
17.Joe Amo (Scott Guthrie) 272.610mph. Mod/street @ Bonneville.....2009.
18.Phil Wood ( Big CC Bikes) 271.821 Turbo Busa street Elv.UK 2018World Fastest stock body
19.Eva Hakanssen (KillaJoule)270.224mph streamliner sidecar Bonneville2015 Fastest All-Electric
20.Dean Sabatinelli (Scott Guthrie) 269.776 mod/street Loring 2010 USA’s Fastest Stock Body motorcycle
21.Billy Shoemaker (Bill Warner) 269.200mph Mod/street Mojave 2011
22.Cal Rayborn (Denis Manning) 268mph Bonneville streamliner 1970
23.Johnny Allen 267.08mph Bonneville streamliner 1963 Fastest Chevy Engine
24.Scott Davis (Color me Gone) 266.553mph mod/street Loring 2015
25.Frank Gillebaard 265.400mph Mod/street Elvington 2006
26.Shane Stubbs (StubbsTredway) 265.291mph mod/street Loring 2009 (Naked (no fairing) world's best
27.Bob Leppan (Gyronaut X-1) 264.437mph Bonneville Streamliner 1970
28.Becci Ellis (Mick Ellis) 264.0mph mod/street Elvington 2014
29.Jack Frost (Holeshot Busa) 263.912mph mod/street Elvington
30.Richard Assen (A-ward) 263.+++mph mod/street Bonneville 2011
31.Thomas Cronan..(DAS Perf) 262.161mph mod/street Loring 2011
32.Tom Gates 261.500mph mod/street Goliad 2010
33.Jorma Karjalainen.. (ANY10) 261.500 mod/street Finland 2012 Fastest in Finland
34.RASHID AL-HAJRI (MK Racing) 261.114mph Mod/Street Loring 2016
35.Hiro Kioso (Hiro Kioso)260.804mph Bonneville 2018 fastest sit-on Harley
36.Lee Shierts (Rich Yancy) 260.288mph mod/street Maxton 2005
37.Charlie Anstaett.(Dave Owen) 259.856mph mod/street Maxton 2008
38.John Noonan (Noonan/Derwin) 259.+++mph Bonneville mod/street
39.Greg Waters 258.1++mph mod/street Bonneville 2012
40.Larry “Spiderman” McBride (McBride Racing) top fuel drag bike 2018 258.27mph
41.Mika Syren 257.900mph Elvington England 2014
42.MIKE GARCIA (Richard Sims) 256.7 mph, mod/street 2016
43.Jason McVicar..(Scott Guthrie) 256.+++mph mod/street Bonneville 2008
44.Jon Mininno (Jack Wilson) 256.+++mph Bonneville/LSR 1992
45.Steve Bland (sponsored by) 255.961mph Mod/street Elvington,UK 2016
46.Wayne Pollack.(Rich Yancy)255.543mph mod/street Maxton 2005
47.Housein Alsowaigh (Alsowaigh) 255.3 mph Mod/street Loring 2016
48.Korry Hogan 255.00mph ¼ mile Drag Valdosta 2011
49.Mark DeLuca (For-De-Kne) 254.+++mph mod/street Bonneville 2009 Fastest All-Motor
50.Ryan Ostergard 253.351mph mod/street Loring
51.Mark Seeley (Klawitter) 253.080mph LSR bike Bonneville 2012
52.Ben Beckert 252.806mph mod/street Goliad 2009
53.Ransom Holbrook (H&H Racing) 252.222 mph 2016 nitrous Busa Loring 1.5 mile
53.Brevon Scott …251.816 mph….Mod/street Loring 2016
55.Scott Guthrie (Rich Yancy) 251.134 mph mod/street Goliad 2004 (Record set @ age 60)
56.Steve Knecum..(Larry Forstall) 251.134 mph Mod/street Bonneville
57.Edward Petrozzi (2 BAR RACING) 250.274mph mod/street Loring 2014

Streamliner: Totally enclosed bodywork; the most aerodynamic.
LSR: Made specifically for Land Speed Racing, starting from scratch
Drag: Made for drag racing.
Mod/Street: a modified street bike.

Locations: Bonneville Utah, El Mirage CA, Loring MA, Maxton NC,
Goliad TX, Beeville TX, Wilmington OHIO and Valdosta GA are in the USA.
Elvington and Santa Pod are in England. Some Others are in Europe.
Bolivia salt desert

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Scott Guthrie
All rights reserved

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