3D TV's???!!???

my question is how many of you have 3D TV's and are the more expensive 3d glasses worth the money. The TV I got came with 4 pairs and when I go on line I see that they are basic ones that are about $20 each. Some glasses are over $100 a pair.... What makes them worth more money??


Some tvs are Active 3D and some are Passive. Active use batteries in the glasses that work with the tv. Those are the best but you cant interchange them. If you have a passive 3D tv you cant use active glasses. I sell tvs and I have the Samsung un60es8000 that is active and it is amazing but it gets old.


Just read your first post. Thats a great tv and it is active. You have great glasses with those. Dont buy 100.00 dollar glasses. Cost on active glasses is about 20.00 so there raping you on the cost of those.


I've got a Samsung 3D TV, it's a older model and Samsung have stopped making the glasses for it and the newer glasses don't work with my TV.:banghead:

Can't get the older Samsung glasses anywhere, so brought some Chinese ones off ebay, which are rubbish.

I'd just stick with the sort that came with your TV, and buy the same if you need any more as at least you know they work.
I have a Panasonic 3DTV with the active style glasses if you shop around on that infamous bidding site you can pick additional glasses at good prices , I bought 2 New pairs via a seller after emailing them direct and asking the best price he could do a pair for.
Always worth asking

Dr Rob
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