2014 Corvette or Lotus elise?


I've been saving up for the past few months to buy a Corvette C7, I'm in love with that car. But a few days ago I saw a yellow Lotus Elise, and it was just beautiful and it sounded awesome so I thought of getting one those instead at less than half the price of a corvette. So I looked around and I found a very clean 2006 Lotos elise with 50k miles for $25000 but the guy selling it is in a hurry so Im sure I can buy it for a few grand less. Im not sure what to do, I really love C7 and it my dream car but I also like the Lotus and its way cheaper. should I just buy the Lotus cash, or finance the corvette? The corvette is gonna be around $60k with all the options and the costs. I know they are very different cars, but which one would you get?


If you lust over the vette, buy it. You'll still lust after buying the Lotus..
You're on a busa forum asking if you should get a car with massive power, or something lightweight and agile.

I could have told you what the replies would be!

PS: I am a huge fan of agility and lightweight vehicles, and I'd also pick the Vette. Nothing against the elise, but it's gotten old and I like the torque.
I'd take an evora over a vette..... But the only down side is lotus charges more for less. "Lightweight option 1; take half the comfort out
Lightweight option 2; take all the comfort out."
Doesn't the Evora have even less power to weight ratio?

The only thing I dislike about the new vette is that we all know they're going to be common and all over the place. Good for parts, but bad if you want to drive something unique.

The new Viper is going to be rare. They never sell anywhere close to Vette numbers.
You said your dream car is the vette. Why settle? You can't take the money with you. Enjoy it while you are on gods green earth.
The difference is the vette can double as a daily driver with almost no downside. The Lotus is barely civil and uncomfortable on almost every road. My wife wouldn't even get in one. I've considered selling both my toy cars to get the new Corvette. Z51 & magnetic suspension. That's the ticket!
Fulfill your dream! That is one less thing to dream about. Both are excellent cars and I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed in either. You buying a lotus used and can always do that again later on if your dream car doesn't turn out to be the dream you thought it would be.
I love the new Viper. If I had $100k I'd buy the Viper in a heartbeat, but I dont so the Vette is my only option. I know they're gonna be all over the place but the Vette is still an awesome car.
I'd take the Lotus, but I am an Englishman living in Dallas and my dad was born and brought up less than a mile from the tiny garage where Lotus first started, sooooo...!

Bottom line: it's a passionate decision, not a logical one right? So go with your heart. I'd kill to drive both, let alone own one of them.
Saving for a few months?!? to buy a Vette! Can we trade income? :rofl:

Of these two I'd get the vette.

Haha It wasn't easy saving up. I had to sell one my Busas, my Bmw M roadster which I invested a lot of money in and I had some cash that I had saved up before, It all added up to $30,000, which Im gonna put as a down payment.
The vette is cool and always will be...the lotus would be less expensive and just as much fun...track days etc...add on parts...you could put 75k in the suspension and eng on the vette and have a killer car...the lotus is a momentum racer... boost it add premium suspension and you can't out run a vet / viper/ lambo but you scare the passenger...there are plenty of hop up parts for that car as well...check out the forums for each vehicle...there is a guy here that has one...hopefully he will chime in soon...take a helmet on your test ride so they know you are serious...

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