2013 What is optimal fuel burn?


I have a 13 Busa. I have been trying to find the optimal fuel burn. That is the RPM of the motor where you get the best atomization which = best MPG. Anyone here know this by chance? Thanks.

Nope. Never really gave it much thought or consideration...as the purpose of my purchase was to have fun not micro manage mpg's. I'm sure if you ride incredibly responsible and baby the throttle (maybe even use the "C" mode) you can maximize your fuel economy.
Tires, tire pressure, fuel brand, oil type, weather, geographic location, riding conditions, traffic flow will all play factors on your results. You will probably have to do some of your own testing and recording results to find what is actually best for your particular case.
I'll throw a dart and say your best average will be around 40-45mpg's. I can average 38-40mpg's riding in the style that makes me happy.
Guys I've got that. I've bounced it off the governor many times @ 185 (not speedo). I've also been full throttle pinned 1st through 6th. It's been on the track many times.

I use it to commute. I have gotten 50mpg. I just need to find the optimal RPM.

I READ Pashmit dropped a tooth in the reat and got better MPG. I like the current gearing. I sit at 85 speedo in 6th and that got me 50.

Thx for tje replies. Love the bike.
best I have gotten on my 2013 is 41mpg.. in and out of the throttle, if you want good mileage maybe an st is in order for ya
I am averaging 42mph on my 2012. I am using fuelly to keep track. With 11 tanks tracked so far the best was 46mpg and the worst was 38mpg. I am not taking it easy on her either. I typically run up to 6000rpm in each gear for a normal acceleration. I like to run it through the first 3 gears to redline several times a ride just to feel the rush and use the Busa for what I bought her for.

The 46mpg tank was mostly one trip of country roads with 3 stops and cruising 65-75. I was riding with other guys and we were passing cars and accelerating pretty quicky from stops. I think if I babied it I could push 50mpg on a highway trip.
Tough to say. My first two tanks have both returned about 46 mpg with a fair amount of, shall we say...spirited riding. :whistle:

I don't think you're realistically going to do much better than 50 unless you change gearing or ride C mode and cruise at 55.