2009 Hayabusa : Need help ASAP


On July 4th I gave the wife a ride to her cousins so they could go to the parade. I then rode back to our house to grab a couple things. All total I put on about 30-35 miles. I then set out for another little ride. About 1/4 way into my ride the bike just stopped running. I was at a stop light on a hill. Light turned green, I let out on the clutch and was up to about 25 mph. As I crest the hill the bike stopped running. I pull the clutch in and look down to see if I accidently put it into neutral. Nope. Looked at kickstand and see maybe I accidently put that down. Nope. Proceeded to pull over to the side of the road. The word "chk" was on the center council. I also then noticed that the temp gauge was pinned all the way to the top. Figuring I may have over heated it, I let it sit for an hour. That did not work. I then got it towed to a local shop that I have been using, not a Suzuki dealership (which I should have). They cannot figure out what the issue is. They tried replacing kickstand switch, they tried a new ignition wiring. Still no luck. Now it is being brought over to a Suzuki dealer to see if they can figure out what is wrong with it.

I was wondering if anyone here has run into or even heard anything like this happening. Any help that can be given will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Get it out of that shop immediately! You don't have to change the kickstand switch to tell if it is defective. People will be chiming in to help shortly

Need more details does it turn over?

Is the fuel pump priming when you open the switch?
I checked the kill switch to see if i bumped it when it stopped running.

It wont even turn over. Fuel pump doesnt even come on when i turn it to the on postion. I did try starting it whe i dropped it off at the shop. The gaugues go through there sweep and the temp gauge slowly goes right back to the top. When I pull the clutch in and hit the start button the headlights go out as if you were starting it. I did put the battery tender on it before i took it to the shop. It was fully charged and still did the same thing with the lights.
Do you have HID's on it? I've noticed on my '08 that ever since the HID install, if I shut the bike off with the kill switch the temp gauge will go up to full hot. The bike isn't overheating, just a fluke thing. It might have happened before, but I never noticed it until the HID was in. I wouldn't worry about the overheating part.

Sounds like something is bad. Tipover sensor? Kickstand switch? Something in the kill switch?
GsxrBots i do not have HID's......Yet. I am hoping that will be a mod for next year. But we will see. Thank you everyone for input so far.
Did you check already to see if any codes came up? Did it make any unusual sound when it died???

there is a fuse next to the starter relay did you check that, not a tech just have a fat clymer book on the hayabusa and throwing stuff at you:laugh:
Busa1166 it is still at the shop so i have not got a chance to see if any codes came up. And it did not make an unsual noise. Just stopped running. Almost as if I did hit the kill switch.
Post up where you are located...there may be a knowledgeable member around willing to assist...
Busa1166 it is still at the shop so i have not got a chance to see if any codes came up. And it did not make an unsual noise. Just stopped running. Almost as if I did hit the kill switch.

If it's still at the first shop where they are changing out parts without checking the parts that are on it, I don't know how you can sleep at night knowing those guys are wrenching on your ride:poke: :laugh:

Before taking it to the dealer some of the people here are quite knowledgeable (myself not included), if you have some basic tools you may get a handle on it. They have saved my bacon and quite a bit of cheddar in the wallet here more than once.
As a rule...thats what this forum is for. I believe its a very rare occasion when one of us does not know the answer.

I spoke to the shop. They got it running and it was a plug that goes to the kill switch. The brief description i got was that basically the plug wasn't connected tightly and it kept popping fuses. They popped 3 fuses till the found the bad connection. Now it seems to be working fine.
Getting a new rear tire put on. Oil change and a once over before I make my trip to Sturgis, SD for The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally next Thursday.
Again I want to thank everyone for throwing ideas out and helping how ever they could. And rubbersidedown I will definitely use this forum more often to seek assistance. Thank you again everyone.
Well they had bad news for me today. While the were letting bike run after changin oil and checkin violent level, it popped another fuse when the fan came on. Now we are back to square one.
Could it be a bad fan motor and drawing to much power and making fuse pop?