2008 Ignition Recall Issue - On a 2009?


So, Wednesday, my girl blew the instrument panel fuse. I replaced it that afternoon after class. Didn't think much of it, just figured that it was old. Well, Friday morning, it blew again. Now, when I change it, it blows instantly. I have all the fairings off and cannot find anything. I found a couple pinch points along the harness, but they are undamaged internally. I have pulled the horn, signals, instrument panel, and rear lights in attempts to isolate the issue, but it still blows the fuse immediately on power up. This tells me that it is either internal to the ignition or somewhere in the main wiring harness. This weekend I am going to go back after it with my multi-meter to try to find the short, unless there is a chance that it is the ignition recall. However, the information that I have found on the recall is that it only occurred on early '08 models. I have an '09, but it was built in November of '08. Could it be the recall, which would let me get it fixed for free? If the shop is going to charge, I will just do everything myself (especially since the closest Suzuki dealer is 100 miles away.)

I'd call my shop, but they are closed right now.

So, long story short, could a K9 be suffering from the K8 ignition wiring recall?
Looks like, after getting a tester into it, it was the turn signal/fuel pump relay. I am thinking that my LED turn signals are the cause, so I need to figure out what to do about it before I blow another $80 relay.