2000 busa crash


I got my busa at age 18..my 1st bike..and 1 year later after 10k miles and around 400 wheelies i finally lost control while doing a wheelie at 75-85mph in 1st gear. they wrote my bike off as totaled. I just got road rash but no broken bones..still couldnt get out of bed for 2 days. anyways im fine now but i dont have a bike and i dont have money to repair it.. is their anyway i can get a sponsor 2 repair my bike..cause at $6 an hr it might take awhile

What i see damaged on the bike: both rims r bent, windshield and mirrors gone, alot of cosmetic dmg, right handle bar is broken off clamp, left handle bar is bent...i dont know if the forks r the frame is bent but it is a 2000 model with the weak frame so good chance its prob bent 2...
Glad to hear that you're ok. Why didn't insurance buy you a new one?
This kind of stuff really gets to me. Your insurance wrote off a bike that was wrecked doing wheelies? I have seen this too many times and it is no wonder more insurance companies are starting to drop all bikes, regardless of age/experience/record. You want to have your fun AND you expect someone else to pay when you crash?!?

Sponsor? This isn't professional racing. If it were, you would not have any sponsors left after wrecking their bike doing stunts.

Once you realize that you have made a stupid mistake and have come to terms that no one else is going to want to pay for it, look here and another board for resources. Plenty of good, used parts can be found as well as sources for new ones and methods of fixing a lot of everything else yourself.