2000 busa crash

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I got my busa at age 18..my 1st bike..and 1 year later after 10k miles and around 400 wheelies i finally lost control while doing a wheelie at 75-85mph in 1st gear. they wrote my bike off as totaled. I just got road rash but no broken bones..still couldnt get out of bed for 2 days. anyways im fine now but i dont have a bike and i dont have money to repair it.. is their anyway i can get a sponsor 2 repair my bike..cause at $6 an hr it might take awhile

What i see damaged on the bike: both rims r bent, windshield and mirrors gone, alot of cosmetic dmg, right handle bar is broken off clamp, left handle bar is bent...i dont know if the forks r the frame is bent but it is a 2000 model with the weak frame so good chance its prob bent 2...

Glad to hear that you're ok. Why didn't insurance buy you a new one?
This kind of stuff really gets to me. Your insurance wrote off a bike that was wrecked doing wheelies? I have seen this too many times and it is no wonder more insurance companies are starting to drop all bikes, regardless of age/experience/record. You want to have your fun AND you expect someone else to pay when you crash?!?

Sponsor? This isn't professional racing. If it were, you would not have any sponsors left after wrecking their bike doing stunts.

Once you realize that you have made a stupid mistake and have come to terms that no one else is going to want to pay for it, look here and another board for resources. Plenty of good, used parts can be found as well as sources for new ones and methods of fixing a lot of everything else yourself.
most of us do stupid and dangerous stuff. Ya wanna play u gotta pay! Glad your ok.
Good thing I didnt have insurance sence they prob wouldnt of covered it....anyways thx for the help i guesss ill save up money for the next few months and try and fix it...thx all
NO INSURANCE? Are you insane? It's a good thing that you didn't hit somebody else. I hope you get health/life insurance through work. When I had my accident last year I broke my leg in four places and it cost over $51,000 to get it back together and $4600 to fix my bike. Just something to think about.
I'm glad your okay for now those hard spills catch up with you when your 40.WE USED TO CALL IT YOUNG DUM AND FULL OF CU* YOU FIGURE IT OUT IF YOU CAN. Try a different hobby.If not youll RIDE FAST DIE YOUNG AND WON'T LEAVE A PRETTY CORPSE. BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!!!!!
Hey goto EBay and search for Hayabusa there are all kinds of parts including complete fairing sets.
We really need a "STUPID" area in this forum, like the first bike void. So people can learn from others mistakes, I would hope.

Looks to me that with a little body work it could be in good shape in no time. Glad your OK. Hope you know not to do it again .
Well wheelies r so much fun...i just feel like im on top of the world...u know u feel so alive... but now that i think about it its not really worth it. i guess no more wheelies 4 me sence u always fall even if ur the best..ill just save up money fix it..make it better than original and just ride it chilling and well racing a few cars from time 2 time 4 the fun of it =)..

Anyone selling any rims 4 cheap?
Crash, post a couple more small pics if you can cause the damage doesnt look too terrible

When u say no insurance do you mean zero, or just basic coverage? ( nothin on the bike like me. )

I know wheelies are fun so how exactly did this happen? Seated or Stand up wheelie or ... I've seen alot of crashes on video, and usually when a wooble starts... then a hard sideways landing and a high side spill. OUCH!

At least your bike doesnt look like this.

How did it happen u ask.. K my rear tire was bold 2 begin with..ohh and it was a sitting position wheelie. K i was riding it high when all the sudden i must of got 2 much air r something cause 4 an unknown reason the front just went up very very fast ..iso i released the throttle but it just kept going as if i was still on it. Maybe i was doing a small burnout while doing the wheelie and the tire stopped spinning and got traction with the ground which gave it the boost it needed 2 flip the bike backwards. I could of tried saving it but it might of been worser so i decided 2 jump ass first on the ground so that the bike doesnt land on me..i dragged my ass on the ground shredding my pants and boxers..than my left foot caught the ground flipped me into the air and slammed me left side 1st into the road from where i started spinning 4 awhile till i came 2 a stop. it wasnt fun watching the cars behind me in slow motion everytime i span.. i get a 2nd chance.. How much stress can the frame and forks take.. do u think they r bent if the rims r? rims r bent only on the sides because they hit the metal iside nto the ground instead of landing on the tire.

And no i have no insurance whats so ever..but i have the 5yr suzuki plan..

notice the bend in the rim..is there anyways u can repair that? And whats that black broken part on the engine..whats it called and how much would it be 2 replace..i nd 2 see if the engine still works.

That is a shame to treat a Busa like that. Proved our points on the other thread. Put a Busa in the hands of a young inexperienced rider and their fate is almost certain.
OK, Crash2000 did something pretty dumb and his Busa is very sick now.  It won't change anything to belabor the point.  Even if we are right in saying he was too young or too inexperienced for that bike.  The truth is he could have gotten just as injured or killed on a bike with half the displacement as our Busa.

What remains for Crash is the future.  Can his bike be fixed?  Will he carry insurance from now on?  Will he be more careful and respectful of a machine that can happily take his life?

Crash, I'm not a mechanic so I don't have much to offer by way of helping you get the Busa roadworthy again.  But, I think a good place to start is tracing all the hoses to make certain none are leaking.  Then you can replace the cover on the engine and fill it with oil again and test to see if the engine actually runs.  Knowing that can get you closer to an idea of how sick you Busa is.  The bent wheels cannot be fixed to the best of my knowledge.  They might indicate a bent or stressed frame.  I'm not sure of a reliable way to test for that.

You are very luck to be alive.  Perhaps the Busa can go again, but you need to ask yourself if that is wise.  Are you willing to carry insurance and a good amount of it from now on?  Are you going to take it considerably easier out there?  Has this expensive and frightening experience done anything to calm your stunt riding?  I'm not your big brother or dad or any authority figure, but I'd still hate to see you get killed out there.
It always cracks me up to read a persons comments when another rider makes a mistake. Let me see if I have this right... Don't ride wheelies,don't take risks,don't buy a Busa because you are 18 ect... ect... and all this from someone that rides a motorcycle that is design to be the fastest thing on 2 wheels. Wake up the kid managed to put 10k on it in a season and walk away from a potentially fatal accident. The lack of insurance has no excuse other than good old economics.

I would start with an estimate at a shop to verify if the frame is straight. This may cost you forty bucks or so but it would be well worth it, then tell them you can't afford that much and work you way back into a rideable bike worrying about the cosmetics last. Best of luck you lucky lucky man.
At least you didnt have the fastest color or it would have been worse!
. Im just playin around man. Keep it safe!
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