2-Step Question


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Okay guys, I got a new Dyna Arc2 2-step for my bike. I have the Hayabusa wiring harness, and it is pretty much plug and play, but I can't figure out where to hook the purple, or purple and white, or the green wires. Where are the tach signal, and the clutch switch wires near the ECM? That is the hardest part of the installation. My bike is an 03.

Thanks in advance!!
If you can't figure it out call Dyna. 800-928-3962 I had hell installing a shift light and minder I bought used, called them and they took the time to explain what I needed and how to do it. good people.
The clutch switch can (B/Y)also be found at the starter relay which also goes to the ECM- I'm still trying to find the others
Thanks for all of the help guys. Cloud 9 came through again for me!! Daniel is always just a phone call away!!

Thanks Daniel!