1st Gen Overheating Issue


Hey Guys,

Today in Maryland it reached about 80 degrees and of course I got stuck in a big backup. I was surprised to see my temp start to climb as I was sitting there under these conditions. Luckily traffic started to flow before I hit the red and the temp came down to normal. I've had this issue in the past in traffic jams but normally when it was much hotter. I know the 1st gens have an overheating issue from all the posts I read. I'd like to get this issue fixed before it gets warmer. Today I was reading the threads and heard people are using something called "Engine Ice". I've never heard of this product before and was wondering how much I would need to buy if I flushed my system and replaced it with this product? Does this product get mixed with water? I also read that buying a new radiator cap might fix the issue and more importantly doing the 2nd fan mod. Has anyone created a pretty much plug and play kit for this 2nd fan mod yet? I've only had the overheating issue during stop and go traffic and never under heavy acceleration. I figured I'd start a new thread since most of the one's I was reading were from 2011 and new products \ suggestions may have came out since then. Thanks



Can I replace my stock fan with something more powerful instead of adding a second fan. I'd like to add that as of right now I have a stock exhasut system but I would like to go with a full aftermarket exhaust system and I'd like for my cooling mods to not interfere with the exhaust. I will not be adding a turbo.


Water wetter or any of the different names can be diluted in your 50/50 mix on board. It is the most effective with more water than antufreeze. So for me in the summer climes where it will never be out in winter, I just have enough antufreeze to keep the lubrication properties. The rest is distilled water with a bottle of product.

You can install a Muzzy fan. That moves about 30% more air than a standard fan. Those have solved my problems 90% of the time.

You can also retrofit the sending 7nit that switches the fans on at a lower temp.


Engine Ice has to be put in at full strength you do not want to mix it with water. You also have to make sure that you flush every bit of antifreeze out of your system with distilled water.


Engine Ice has to be put in at full strength you do not want to mix it with water. You also have to make sure that you flush every bit of antifreeze out of your system with distilled water.

Also water wetter is great if you live in a warm climate year round. But if temps drop down to freezing in the winter where you live it's not a good idea to use because it has no anti freezing properties.....

Some guys have used a Spal fan in place of the busa fan but you have to deal with the mounting and it's not plug and play. Muzzy fans are ok but they are hard to come bye last time I checked and I think Muzzy has or is going out of business so I imagine that it will be even harder to get your hands on 1

You could do a Gen2 radiator swap which has 2 fans. There's a few threads on how to do it a couple on here and few other busa sites. When in doubt GOOGLE......

BTW I also have a Gen1 and had issues with overheating. Here is the setup I'm running and I've had ZERO problems ever since

Gen2 radiator with dual Muzzy aluminum fans
Billet radiator adapter piece (allows both fans to turn on via thermostat vs having to use a manual toggle)
Low temp thermostat
Engine Ice coolant
Samco silicone hose & clamp kit
Outlaw high pressure rad cap

Kevin Jones

Id like to get those muzzy blades for the gen 2 fans, Ive never seen them. I did the same thing you did, put a gen 2 radiator in my gen 1 but the power both those fans pull when on almost all the time here in FL, its bad.


Thanks for all the suggestions! 1busa I think I'm going to go the same route that you did on solving this overheating issue. I don't want to have to worry about it this summer. I started looking for a Gen2 radiator with fans and noticed some of the radiators I was finding are black. Are these OEM radiators? I know mine is silver. Here are two examples that I was looking at.




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First i have to say if your bike just started doing this, you have an air bubble in the cooling system.
Also i have a big bore bike running dual fans, and it never overheats any more.
Adding the second fan, works great, but a gen2 set up is not your only option, here is my link to my Second fan mod,
I have a few ready to go, i dont have any Muzzy blade's any more, but you can still find them.


Second fan and manual switch on my 1441 worked for the heat , you can go with Gixerhp set up :clap:or if your handy get a gsxr 1000 fan and fab it up yourself
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