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Hi Guys ,

I am sure some of you came across my post regarding my bike theft about a month ago. Well can notstay without one so I went to the agent to buy another busa , they have a second hand 1999 with 13000 KM on it and with Two Brothers duplex exhaust system for $ 6600 and a new 2002 Busa for $10600. I am wondering which one to buy ?

I also heard that the Busa 1999 model in general had problems am I right ? Would appreciate your input in this matter.

Both the 99 and 00 had a recall on the cam chain tensioner.  And now the latest thing is that the rear sub frames are cracking and Suzuki is not doing anything about this problem.  I'm not sure if they changed it in 01 or 02 but now they are made out of steel instead of aluminum.
There's nothing like buying a new busa, but with the money saved on the 99 you can do some mods(turbo, paint, polish, nos, exhuast, etc...)! I would go for the color you want.

I would go for the 21999 that year has all the new tech improvements, transporter, laser blasters, and automatic hovering. You can hit light speed in under 10 seconds...
I know that this will happen too :hammerhead: . I have noticed that mistake and I wanted to correct it however, your site only allows the topic to be changed and not the title as far as I know. If Im right then please do something about it.

I Appreciate everyone feedback good one

And by the way I got the 2002 and I have replaced the mufflers with Zyclone RS-3 Bolt-Ons Stainless Mufflers

Thanks guys (the ones that do'nt make fun about silly mistakes)
Easy big fella, just playin around a little... I lock the post for the fact that it keeps people from changing their story 2 months after they posted a message. Yea yea every once in a while someone makes a typo and we all jump on it. Don't take it too personally it all in good fun. Without a little humor we would all just shrivel up and become harley riders.



Hey man I was only kidding  
. I make a lot  of typo and I will be a rich man if i got a penny for each typo .

I appreicate the site and all the help and support I got from all of the  guys including you.
Everyone around here makes tiepos and spalling errors from tyme to tyme.
Your write about taht. I heta it when peeple misplle thinfs.

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