'09 Front Fork Seals


I'm about to attempt to replace my front fork seals b/c one side is leaking. I read the pinned post about how-to do it along with the listed parts of the following: Dust Seal, Oil Seal, Upper O-Ring, and Bottom Bolt Crush Gasket.

Assuming that is all I need, where can I buy these parts online other than through a local shop (mine isn't the greatest to deal with)?
Is there anyone online that sales a kit that includes it all?
Lastly, any specific brand of oil to use in the forks and exactly how much is needed?


The pinned thread shows exactly what you need. I followed this guide and it took me a few hours. Hardest part like they say is getting the bike up! Most dealerships have part finders on their websites where you can get the part numbers and use that to search for other online retailers. If i recall correctly, it takes a little less than a quart of fork oil. I dont have the link handy but there are several places to get the pdf of the repair manual for the bike that provides all oem oil weights and capacities along with a ton of other useful info.