.080" Spacer Plate and Motor Mounts Not Lining Up?

Road Weazel

Before I even started tearing my engine apart I was pondering the .080" spacer plate and whether it would have an affect on how the upper motor mounts lined up in the frame. Now that the engine is hanging in the frame by the two rear mounts and a flat-jack I guess I should ask; do the upper motor mount holes in the frame need to be enlarged? I can't seem to get the head to line up with the frame points now that the motor's taller.
If that's not it then I may just be holding my tongue wrong. It could be something simple. (Ya gotta stand on your left foot, right knee bent 90*, and while lifting up with your right hand smack the stator cover twice with the palm of your left hand and it's line right up. Everybody knows that...)
I'll re-position the flat jack and pull one of the two rear bolts so the engine can move more. It was getting late last night and I was whooped. I didn't want to keep fussin' with it if I wasn't sure that it would even go together.
Thanx for the info.
I think if you just leave the 2 rear bolts in and loose, you can use the jack to move the engine up or down slightly to find a proper fit.
Make sure your bike is upright on chocks, if you try jacking your motor back into place it will not line up. You will either need to take it up or back, when you adjust one it throws off the other direction. On the kickstand the motor gets cocked due to gravity pulling motor to the low side. When upright on chocks it will line right up.
It will go no problem just move it around a little bit!
I know thus us can old thread... but I'm having the same issue now myself... it definitely doesn't go right in (in my case). the 2 problem bolts seem to be either the lower rear or upper right. in order to get the upper right in the thrust adjuster had to be backed off. once the bolt is in place, it blocks access to the thrust adjuster.