04 Gen I Busa

Is this temp normal

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I just picked this bike up from a guy who had a lot of work done and couldn't pay the balance due what I know is this it's been bored out the head was ported and polished bigger cam msd sb6 2 step ignition box pingel electronic shifter power Commander v and dual shorty pipes I think it may need to be dyno tuned cause it's a little bit rich I've noticed the temp get 1/2 way with in 15 min but never gets above that is that normal with all the work done any help would be great thanks.
Welcome to the org. Your temp gauge is running normal. The busa likes to run a bit rich so that is normal as well. Still may not be a bad idea to run her on a dyno once just to check out exactly where it is running. Also this sight requires pictures and any results you do get from the dyno.:D