new owner

  1. Space City Motovlogs

    I Say Good Day To Everyone. New Member Here.

    Just joined your forum and wanted to introduce myself. I have a 2003 anniversary edition Hayabusa that I bought about 2 yrs ago. This is my second bike and I'm absolutely in love with it. I was riding an 02 FZ1 for years but wanted a second bike so my wife could have one and ride with me...
  2. Applesauce

    New Rider Upgrade Recommendations

    Hey all! Long time motorcycle rider, first time Busa owner here. Just wanted to see what all advice or recommendations you all have for general upgrades/mods/things to look out for. Bike is a gen 2 from 2008, previous owner installed a new steering damper and power commander, no 2nd gear issues...
  3. Dancallun

    Bought July 16th 2011 Hayabusa

    Well I saw this new owners forum so figured I should post something. I got my Hayabusa from a dealership in Lemon Grove CA called Motorcycle City. I saw it for sale for 7k which was lower than any other Gen 2 I could find, it had 15,900 miles so I decided to go check it out. I found out after...
  4. Hayabusa Wannabe

    First impressions of my 2017 Hayabusa

    HayaWakened said, "Enjoy it, and let the forum know your adventures!" So not very adventurous but here it is. I just got my first ride on my Hayabusa. had predicted 0% precipitation from 7 AM to 10 AM and then definitive storms moving in. I launched somewhere about 7:45 or 8 AM (the...
  5. C

    New Busa Owner

    Looking for front axle for R1 front wheel conversion
  6. Zukboyz317

    04 Gen I Busa

    I just picked this bike up from a guy who had a lot of work done and couldn't pay the balance due what I know is this it's been bored out the head was ported and polished bigger cam msd sb6 2 step ignition box pingel electronic shifter power Commander v and dual shorty pipes I think it may need...
  7. Alex Ionescu

    New Busa Owner

    What's up guys. Finally got my childhood dream bike..hayabusa . Had a 08 b-King before and many other bikes but I finally got around to buy a 04 busa. High mileage but well maintained..43k miles. Hopefully I'll learn more about those beasts on the forum! Ride safe!