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  1. H

    First impressions of my 2017 Hayabusa

    HayaWakened said, "Enjoy it, and let the forum know your adventures!" So not very adventurous but here it is. I just got my first ride on my Hayabusa. had predicted 0% precipitation from 7 AM to 10 AM and then definitive storms moving in. I launched somewhere about 7:45 or 8 AM (the...
  2. C

    New Busa Owner

    Looking for front axle for R1 front wheel conversion
  3. Zukboyz317

    04 Gen I Busa

    I just picked this bike up from a guy who had a lot of work done and couldn't pay the balance due what I know is this it's been bored out the head was ported and polished bigger cam msd sb6 2 step ignition box pingel electronic shifter power Commander v and dual shorty pipes I think it may need...
  4. Alex Ionescu

    New Busa Owner

    What's up guys. Finally got my childhood dream bike..hayabusa . Had a 08 b-King before and many other bikes but I finally got around to buy a 04 busa. High mileage but well maintained..43k miles. Hopefully I'll learn more about those beasts on the forum! Ride safe!