Bought July 16th 2011 Hayabusa


Well I saw this new owners forum so figured I should post something. I got my Hayabusa from a dealership in Lemon Grove CA called Motorcycle City. I saw it for sale for 7k which was lower than any other Gen 2 I could find, it had 15,900 miles so I decided to go check it out. I found out after "inspecting" it that it's a salvage title, which put me off, but he said he'd go down to $6,800. I'm not worried about resale I've just wanted to own one of these bikes for a while now, so I bought it. Even though it's salvage the bike runs perfect, solid, smooth, and definitely the fastest bike I've been on. I'm not much of a bargainer or a mechanic so I think I missed a few things. Cons are that later I found the front disc to be slightly warped, fork is leaking, and front valve stem has a slow leak. They said they would fix the front disc and replace pads for free and do the rest at a discount since it's a 30 day 50/50 warranty.

When I first saw the Gen 1 Hyabusa I was part of the crowd that thought they were kind of ugly, idk if I saw the wrong picture or what. I also just thought it would be too much bike for me since my first sportbike ride was on a 2012 cbr600 in 2012, and it blew my socks off even though I was 240lbs. Long story short the Busa started growing on me looks wise over the years and I became more open to a bigger bike after owning an emaculate 1992 GSXR1100 and loving the size and handling of it.

So now I have a Hayabusa and I don't know if a bike could fit me more perfectly. It's smooth as silk and grounded, but can absolutely scream and fly when you call it to. It's deceptively fast, it fits my size and personality. It's my salvage bike, maybe I paid too much idk, it still needs some work but I already love this thing and it's my favorite motorcycle to date.
As long as it's worth what you gave for it to you, what anyone else thinks don't matter. Sounds to me like you're happy with your purchase, and with the service you're getting after the sale, so I think you did well. Enjoy it!
Glad you're happy and that's what matters. Might help us enjoy with you if you included pics of this machine.
Oh yeah sorry lol