'03 UK GPS values

Steve K

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Well I've been reading lots about the TRE (etc) and not sure if some of the posts don't conflict 1 or 2 of the others.

So I've taken the resistance readings from my 2003 UK model I've had for a week.

1st - 567 ohms
N - o/c
2nd - 833 ohms
3rd - 1500 ohms
4th - 2729 ohms
5th - o/c
6th - o/c

These readings were taken with a calibrated digital multimeter (and the values averaged over 10 seconds, just in case the connection was dirty.)

So from this, the TRE that is 5.6k (5600 ohms) is either doing nothing the ECU can understand (i.e. ECU no longer has a map for 5th (and/or 6th)),
allowing the ECU to think it was in 5th and able to go >186mph as before (5th gear map being bypassed by the lack of resistance value on the '03).

Any thoughts?

I will respond..without knowing the facts..some say a tre does not work on an 03 some say it does.....Ivans should know i think..dig in and find out..on my 01 it does work..ecu thinks i am in fifth..all the time with the switch on....
more timing advance and fuel..just plain rip's....smoother low speed running also....iv'e seen 11200 on the tach in fifth..= 184 i think...