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    Last 1000 users member map 2-12-12

    And me the only one in Kuwait!
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    The most online we have had in a loooong time

    Hahahaha! My father was saying it was -26 there last night. Wish I was home instead of in the middle east but hey....atleast it's warm here!
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    Its 2:38 AM, what are you doing up?

    Working, cause it's actually 12 pm here in Kuwait....
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    New member from Canada

    Welcome! We have about the same set up! I got a 'busa and a CBR 1000RR....
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    Apple Os5. Do I really need this?

    I love the update, especially the free text and mms between iPhone users! It's Blackberry without the crashes!
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    another photo shop request ...

    Sorry, couldn't resist....nice bike though...!
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    another photo shop request ...

    There you go! See the improvements? lol
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    Let us put some things in perspective please. Harley Bashing

    Currently I have 2001 Hayabusa, 2008 Buell 1203 Ligntening, and a 2008 CBR1000RR....each bike has it's ups and downs but I love them all for different reasons. I have however watched my father buy and sell over 18 Harleys. Some were great, some were the biggest pieces of crap ever to be called...
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    shafted by another member...

    On the other end, I GAVE a full Hindle exhaust to a memeber and asked him for feedback and never heard from him....members-for-members right?
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    Iran and the biking I did there......

    If you close 1 eye and look sideways....that head light kinda sorta looks like the
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    Iran and the biking I did there......

    Well, I just made it back from Iran, doing things that i'm not aloud to talk about.....I didn't have much time for riding there but I found the biggest bike I could rent there which was a Suzuki RTL 200! Not really as cool as my 'busa, but heck, it was still fun! I'll post pics of...
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    10 years later.....

    I Believe - A 9/11 Tribute - YouTube God bless the families that lost their loved ones in 9/11.....God bless the famalies that are still losing loved ones in a war that cannot ever be won..... As I write this my eyes are still filled with tears....God bless America!
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    No Country For Old Men.

    A cult classic for sure! I put it right up there with Pulp Fiction, Jacky Brown, The Devils Rejects...etc!!!!! Love it!