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    OCC Drama -- Is it real?
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    OCC Drama -- Is it real?

    Yep , Vinnie and Cody started their own buisness together.
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    I have the Garmin 2720 from gpsonsale on sale too. Great price on a waterproof gps. Like TommyGunn said,$109. They are refurbs, but carry the same Garmin warranty. I use RAM stem mount, standard arm and cradle. I use a tankbag, and with this setup, I can see all gauges, and the gps without a...
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    Suzuki oil

    Shell Oil Products. Look on the back of the the bottle in small print for SOPUS.
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    Eastern Ohio/Weatern Pa

    I live 33 miles South of you on Rt 36 in St. Boniface.
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    oil drain plug queston

    I buy them in a three pack at Advance Auto. Auto Zone, etc. should have them too.
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    Umm, new old member err...old new member...

    Yea, we have a few inchces of snow here and anti-skid everywhere. This will be the first time the Busa gets "stored" for winter. I have a DR650 to use on the crappy roads this winter. I was on 994 this summer, but didn't get to Three Springs. I took 655 and 913 instead back to 26. Nice area. 994...
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    Umm, new old member err...old new member...

    Yeah, we'll have to hook up for a ride in the spring. I ride Curwensville/Clearfield all the time, its about 35 minutes from my house to Curwensville. Prince Gallitzin State Park is at my backdoor (almost). Ever ride 729 off of 453 to Curwensville? Nice piece of road. I'm sure you have been on...
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    Need help naming a Webkinz pet.....

    Surf & turf ?? :poke: My kids say bubbles for the fish. They are stumped on the chickadee.
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    Dog does a great impression of a nagging wife

    Nagging wife, and/or Mother-in-law.:banghead:
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    any of you older

    40 here. Snow is starting to fall on my roof.
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    tire recomendations

    +1 on the conti road attacks. I went from Avon Azaro's to Storms to Road Attacks. When the time comes, I'll buy the Road Attacks again.
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    Umm, new old member err...old new member...

    I knew someone was gonna do that !:laugh: Thanks everyone for the re-welcome.
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    Umm, new old member err...old new member...

    Thanks! :thumbsup: