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    Hitler's Choice - Harley-Davidson Road King or Suzuki Hayabusa

    No, not really. Just a few hours.
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    Hitler's Choice - Harley-Davidson Road King or Suzuki Hayabusa

    It has a good few 'inside' jokes from the forum I'm on, but lots of general jokes, too.
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    Kawasaki vs Hayabusa

    Wrong. The Blackbird was built specifically to dethrone the KAWASAKI ZX-11 that was the fastest bike for 6 damn years running. It (the Blackbird) did so for a year, then the Busa blew them both away. (Including the ZX-12R, which allegedly had to be chopped down. [Probably a lie, but who...
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    Kawasaki vs Hayabusa

    Engine tweaks an no appearance tweaks do not constitute a Gen. :P Well, not in my book, anyways. Yea, man. Things don't work that way these days. As much as we'd all love them to. The companies build a solid bike and tack little **** on to it and call it a Gen II (or 3, 4, 5 whatever.)...
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    Kawasaki vs Hayabusa was Kawasaki supposed to do? Wait until a new Hayabusa came out and then release the 14R? Release it in 2012 silently or maybe only compared it to a 1999 Katana? The whole "It's only a little faster, therefore I can buy a 2008 Busa, slap some aftermarket on it and do that cheaper."...
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    2012 zx-14r

    Rickey Gadson Very Happy With The 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R @ Thought it was pretty well known that the Hayabusa was a 9.9 bike...
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    "Straight line bike"

    /rant Anyone else tired of this horse****? I don't own a Hayabusa, but my bikes forums crawl, due to the bike only being available for 4 years and not a great seller, so I thought I'd post here. (I'd like to own a Hayabusa one day in a few years.) I just got my new to me bike recently and am...
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    What are hayabusas selling for?

    I'm just not understanding the 'It's priced at book' part. What book? NADA puts it at $5,750/$7,565 low and high retail and KBB puts it at $8250. ...and that's RETAIL. That is if you're buying it from a retail shop in your town. This is their guide that tells them how much to sell it for. Not...
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    Busa Can't Handle........

    Valentino Rossi McOdonald Duck? Rosie O'donnell? Apparently this bike is a Goldwing. :poke: Glad I haven't bought mine yet. I don't want a Goldwing. :whistle:
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    Hump Protector

    Doesn't help that the web site admin can't even spell. Kinda detracts from the product... I mean, if you want to sell your bike do you post it up in the forums using pig Latin, 1337 speak or gangsta rap? :poke:
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    Sport Rider Magazine says K1300S > Busa

    ^The S1000RR is what you were thinking or the K1300S is what you were thinking? The K1300S is a BMW Busa/ZX-14. They've even said so. Long, 'Heavy' 1200+cc sport bike designed for liter~ish performance without the backaches, made to be ridden longer distances with greater comfort.
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    Sport Rider Magazine says K1300S > Busa

    It's a proper comparo. You're thinking of the new BMW S1000RR. The K1300S isn't it. It's BMW's Hyperbike. As for futher numbers... Price of the BMW (as tested) $17,500. Busa $13,199 Weight 569wet - 583wet Quarter mile BMW 10.46@137.6 - Busa 9.96@145.8 Roll Ons BMW 60-80/2.71 sec - Busa...
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    Sport Rider Magazine says K1300S > Busa

    =( BMW then Hayabusa Fun to ride - BMW 9.0 - Busa 8.4 Quality - 9.4 - 8.7 Instruments and controls 9.1 - 8.7 Ergonomics 9.0 - 8.4 Chassis and handling 8.8 - 8.3 Suspension 9.2 - 8.2 Brakes 8.8 - 8.3 Transmission 8.8 - 8.8 Engine power 9.5 - 9.0 Engine-power delivery 9.3 - 8.8...
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    Who likes oakleys???

    Does the tint on the outer lens make you see in that color? I liked some out blue lenses, but don't want to see the world in blue. :whistle:
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    Hardly got there..... Post your HD Jokes.

    ^ As do all jokes. These being the 'playful' type.