Tragic police shooting

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Schexy1, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Some folks should not have firearms, these were 3 of those people....

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  3. MelodicMetalGod

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    Shoot first, think later.:duh:

    I'm sure they're claiming they fired in self-defence, so they s/b back on the street in no time, arresting children w/lemonade stands for operating a business without a license, firing at bank customers as they leave the bank (leaving a bank with cash means you've robbed it, right?) and violently smashing folks to the ground who dance in public.

    Good to know only the best are allowed to serve.

    PS: NO disrespect to all those in blue who truly serve to protect and protect to serve.
  4. Sous

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    Seems a case of "you go see if it is real, no you go see if it is real". Regardless, I think they should all be up for some remedial training.
  5. BlueHaya

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    I would like to see the gator; it must have looked pretty real!!
  7. cheferman65

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    Cause you know gators are an everyday thing in the metro KC, Mo area.
  8. Schexy1

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    After they saw chunks or concrete flying, they left without saying a word.:whistle:

    I guess calling Animal Services or Billy the Xterminator was out of the question.::rofl:
  9. smac

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    Alligators are Federally protected, hopefully they will be reminded of that...
  10. theskaz

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    I think that you are referring to the park police video that took that one guy down in the white shirt.

    If not, disregard the following.

    If you are, I have seen the commotion over said video. The guy clearly resisted arrest. Even with his hands up, he did not comply with the cop. He tried to take him down in a peaceful manner but could not. Tried a second time using the guy's legs. After that, gloves come off. He did not smash his head into the ground because he was dancing, it was because he resisted which caused an escalation of force. Now, for the initial seizure, i have no clue, I dont know the laws and had no sound while looking at the video. I would have loved to see the same vid with Marine MPs lol.

    Now I did notice that the guy said something to the cop although no idea what was said, but if he mouthed of, that might be enough to detain him.

    Contempt of cop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. lil charlie

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    That's awesome. I've seen those and they do look kinda real but they should have known better. I bet there the laughing stock of their departmnet for years to come.
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  12. MO-BUSA

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    good ole indep police dept, they were just at target practice, cause u know we have a gator prob here:whistle:
  13. fast08busa

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    This actually makes me sad to say that im from that part of the country, if you think those cops are bad, check out lee's summit police. (from personal experience)
  14. MelodicMetalGod

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    Yeah...that's one of many incidents. I understand that police need to enforce the law and need to use force to do so at times, but slamming folks to the ground who are protesting peacefully is not OK. The "protestors" were small in number, not violent, not even running. IMHO, there was absolutely no need to use violent force in the situation.
  15. theskaz

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    I understand your point and there are certainly incidents that do not warrant the LEOs response. but in this situation, I believe the act was warranted because, although he was protesting rather peacefully, he was resisting arrest. What else can the cop do at this point? he tried to aprehend the guy using minimal means first, then escalated until something worked. After the LEO made the decision to actually aprehend the guy, he cant change his mind if the guy doesnt go down on the first couple attempts. That would send a very bad message to the rest of the community.

    sorry for the threadjack OP.
  16. Cops are just looking for an excuse to shoot something:laugh:
  17. Pardini

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    I'm impressed that they actually hit it.
  18. Busa1166

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    Living in Fl and knowing and seeing there top speed and there acceleration, I would have shot at him from the car :laugh:
  19. Pecan Pouch

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    And people wonder why Missouri is known as the " show me " state. :rofl:
  20. pcosho

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