Yoshimura EMS vs Power Commander USB


I am about to buy a powercommander USB for my 2003 busa.
BUT since I have a Yoshimura Duplex TRS full race system I am thinking of getting the Yosh EMS instead.

Anyone have experience with the EMS?

I know they are being discontinued but can buy them closeout at a good price.

Yosh rep said they wont be selling them any longer. I would like to get EMS if I hear good things about it over Powercommander.
I don't know anyone with an EMS thru yoshi, probably why they're being disscontinued....
From what I understand you have to use your computer to make the adjustments with the Yosh EMS. In other words you have to understand mapping the engine. Designing maps and such. With a power commander you can just download and try different maps or have a shop with a dyno set up a custom map for you. If the shop has the yosh software they can do that with the Yosh EMS. Yosh even offers software the shop can use to tune your stock EMU
Found it, Thanks Jonnycheese. Do you sell the PC3 usb with the map for my mods installed?

Yosh full race TRS
pair block off
small air box mod-flapper removed