Yearly check.


Took the bike for it's first yearly check yesterday it took about 45mins and it passed.:thumbsup:
It was three years to the day since I got it.

Tried out my new gloves Lynne brought me for Christmas.
They are Held Freezer gloves.
Got them as I got fed up with cold hands, they worked brilliant.
They are a bit bulky but soon got used to them.

Bit of a panic when the bike wouldn't start forgot to put the kickstand up.:laugh:

Was a bit apprehensive as I had not ridden for months and the roads were wet.
A bit wobbly when I first took off.
But after that everything was ok.

I knew where I was going but put the Sat Nav on because of the speed cameras.
Lynne accidentally touched the screen of the Sat Nav, and it must of put in a different route because it was trying to send me somewhere else.
Kept on telling me to turn around then turn right all the way there.

Really nice guy who owns the place.
His dad run it before him and he runs it now.
Very good customer service and they know what they are doing.
Lucky to have such a place so close to me and somewhere I trust with my bike.

Just waiting for some dry weather so I can get out again.
Hope this works.
It is a list of what they check.


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