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Anyone seen this site? and maybe I'm missing something but from what I see the side panels look like the 99-00 scheme. I think?
any thoughts? Price is pretty good if you have scuffed yours.

Race ready panels
yep, you're right 99-00 scheme. Hmm wonder if the graphics are the same size at the line of demarkation. Hey, if anyone cares, measure in mm the width of the color section that crosses over to the side panels. Lets see if its the same as the 01-02.
talked to the guy at race ready,seemed to good to be true as far as the price. Started checking and he could not be using quality stuff for the price he was charging. So I did them my self. Wasn't difficult just took a little time.

busabullet, did you sand the texture out of your panels before painting them, or did you leave it in there?

Btw, your bike looks unique.
well.......as far as the quality of the material he is using...seems to be using the factory panels...that's why the price is 109.00 for his and sending him yours and 179 if you keep yours.
busahigg, what I meant was the quality of the materials, like the paint,clear,and the flex additive. I talked to the guy at Race Ready he told me he leaves the texture in the panel and that he gets his paint right from the dealer (suzuki), but in checking with the dealer they do not sell that paint to anyone period. I went to the paint shop and they custom color match the color. I left the texture in the panel only because if you sand out the texture the panel would be very thin\weak and if you put something on it to fill in the texture that's something else to crack you know. The texture adds a cool look to the panels I think.


If the guy was using to quality stuff he would dam near be doing it for free at 109.00, I dont mean to take anything away from the guy but if it is too good to be true, it usually is.
holy crap....I want mine done....but I think I'm gonna do it myself. My buddy just painted his Busa flip-flop and it came out great....he has a compressor at the house. Should I sand it or no....and if I don't why will it crack?
It is up to you if you want to sand or not but remember. Sanding a contured textured surface is not easy.
Those calipers look sweet as....

I'm gonna haffa get that done after the christmas "fundage slaughter" is over.   That and the inner fairings would be a magnificent happy birthday to me gift.

Can I get a discount if I ..for example.. get the inner fairings, calipers, and mirrors done all at the same time?
Hey Gixx1300rr what do you get for the brake calipers those are sweeeeeeet!!! Drop me an e-mail or something I'm interested in getting them done.
well it's final...my neighbor and I are going to do mine...he paints cars at the house for a living...going to repaint my front fender also and lose the carbon fiber one....switch back and forth I guess....But I'm painting my own side panels....will take pics when done.............

Mine's easy though with the All Black L(eave) E(verything)