Would you be interested? Good cause!


Fist I would like to say thank you to everyone on this great site who supports the militay! There are too many of you all to name but I hope you know your thoughts, prays, and motivation comments help everyone in the service!

Ok now on to why I started this thread... Do you know Matt Maupin? If not he is from the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He was capured in Iraq back in 2004. His body was not found until 2008. His mom Carolyn is an active member in the Ohio Blue Star Mothers, who sends off care packages to all branches of the military to deployed troops. She is a wonderful woman. His brother is also in the military. If you want more information on him PM me or just google him. I am thinking about trying to organize a charity poker run in his memory. The profit would go to Matt Maupin Scholarship Fund. I am thinking this would be an anual event. I am just wondering how many would be willing to make the trip to Ohio for this run?

I would like to cordnat this with the Blue Star Mother, Matt Maupin Scholarship Fund, and his family.

Any thoughts and anyone interested? Thanks guys and gals!


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Count me in (assuming Im stateside) for whatever you get planned. I might be able to convince a couple riders in the unit to attend too. (not busa guys tho :( )


Thanks for the support Josh... I will get you some more info when I get stateside and get things put together!


In WNC, the Blue Star Mothers coordinate events with the Patriot Guard, and also with the American Legion and VFW. I know there are other groups as well. I am sure all of these groups would be very interested in learning of the Matt Maupin Scholarship Fund and would participate in the event.

Thank you for your time and efforts in supporting our military. :bowdown:


The Patriot Gaurd was there for his funeral at All American Ball Park. (where the reds play) Thanks for the tip of asking the other organizations to help out!


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I would love to help. I don't think I could make it to Ohio for the poker run but I could donate for the poker run prizes. pm me or post a mailing add.:thumbsup:


The Patriot Guard was there for his funeral at All American Ball Park. (where the reds play) Thanks for the tip of asking the other organizations to help out!
You're welcome! I know you will have a successful event! :thumbsup:


Thanks guys! I dont get home til aug and would like to set it up for this fall but I am not sure there will be enough time for it this fall. But I will keep you all updated. Once again thanks for the support!
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