Does anyone use the Zero Gravity Sport Touring Screen? I am exactly 6' tall. How is that screen? How is the protection?
My brother has his. He loves it. Check the pic in members section, CT and Mass. Cache also has one. He swapped to the DB.
I've got it on mine, it looks awesome and the wind protection is terrific. It will get you into big trouble though, you dont notice how much faster you're going because of how quiet it is at top speed. I tuck behind that ZG Daytona windscreen and i can hit 180mph like I'm doing 40

I have one i use when doing long distance touring. It's a sound piece and works great. You wont regret buying it, but i hate the look for around time riding, its to tall to look good, but serves the purpose for touring. Watch your speed above 125 mph it'll start to get loud in the wind
How has the Busa been for long distance? Also, how tall are you? Where does the ZG put the wind?