wind screen advice or sources


My 04 black/purple windscreen is now all sun-cracked. This is not a show bike. It spends a lot of time on the back of my RV so it is not pristine.

All I want is a decent looking replacement but I don't want to buy a Chinese part off ebay if it is poor quality or doesn't fit well.

Any brand suggestions or sources would be appreciated. Thanks.
Zero gravity windscreens are not the cheapest but every one I have bought has fit great and is optically better than scock. I currently have a ZG double bubble and a ZG sport touring, both fit good. Check with the board sponsors to buy what you need.
ZG or Puig would be the most popular. Either will give you good fit and finish. I have had Puigs on both of my busas'. If you want a good used one, send a pm to Goldenchild and bet he can send you a good one. If you want new, check our sponsors, Honda East Toledo, Pashnit, just to name a couple.
Spotrot - we carry both Puig & Zero Gravity & Hot Bodies & Yana Shiki.

First two are the most popular with members as twoton mentioned. Everyone has their favorites just like tires & oil when it comes to screens.

Order on-line or call 530-391-1356 9-5 PST for phone order once you figure out which style you like.

Zero Gravity Buy Now:


Zero Gravity SR Screen (my personal favorite on both my Busa's)

Zero Gravity DB Screen - Dark smoke

Zero Gravity DB Screen - Clear

Hot Bodies Dual Radius
Thanks, I overlooked the parts for sale part of the forum.

Now all I have to do is decide on Double Bubble or Sport Touring
If you decide to upgrade, this is the best windshield. Adjustable lip to channel flow. It really works too.

MRA.05.050.VT.1 MRA VarioTouringScreen Windshield for Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa,
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