why me?? :(


so i'm leaving job #2 in a row this afternoon, tired as hell, stop at the stop sign, looking for a spot to dive into noon rush hour traffic, feathering the clutch, when the bike starts to jerk n make noise, seems like the chain is riding the front sprocket. i turn it off, and back it into the parking lot, the chain seems ok now (my chain rides up on my front sprocket a lil all the time, so i have to keep my chain a lil tighter cuz of the 16 tooth sprocket).
i flip the gearbox to neutral and start the bike, immediately nasty sounds come from the engine and i shut it off in less than 3 seconds.
so now the bikes still at the store, and i'm looking for a way to bring it to the shop.
thing is, the engine ran (for those 2-3 seconds) as smooth as usual, there was just a nasty noise accompanied with it, and the clutch seemed a lil odd, lever a lil soft maybe? and when in gear at the stop sign, the bike started to pull with the clutch in.
so i'm thinking its a clutch problem, overheated maybe? oil is low, but not below the low line.
i may bring the bike home and rip out the clutch first before bringing it to the shop, i won't dig deeper tho.
anyway, now i have 2 out of commission '99 suzuki gsx's and i'm walkin