Whoot! today has been great

sweet tea man

took the bike out yesterday for the first good ride since my surgery, did great, broke the new avons in on some twisties(thank you Busawhipped for reccommending me these at the bash!).

today, i got my dads old truck titled, and tagged in my name. found out my wifes company(USAA) had a hell of a better deal on insurance for it, so now its insured with them.

Found out I can get my truck refinanced, and get rid of Bank of America for good....and their raping 12.9 percent interest they had me on....even with a 740 credit score(Screw you B.O.A......Screw you), and can get refinanced at 5.7 percent, and my payment dropped $100 and i still can have it payed off in the same amount of time as i have it right now:thumbsup:

AND, I just ordered me and the wifey out mesh riding suits from newenough.com then found out i qualified for free shipping!.

now i'm currently waiting on daryl(sp?) to call me back from roadlok to get that ordered for the cookie monster

finally, everything i have been needing to do and get done has finally gotten done....but i'm f'ing tickled pink about my truck loan:rofl::beerchug:


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B of A hasn't been doing anybody, including themselves many favors. I don't deal with them either.

Congrats on your good day :beerchug:


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Give me 6 number off the top of your head for tomorrows lottery here in FL. If i win I promise to help stimulate the economy by Modding My Busa like money grew on trees! :laugh:


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The only feeling better than getting your finances where you want them is the sound of ripping open the Busa.....:laugh::beerchug::thumbsup:

Congrates on sorting it.:thumbsup:


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Way to go Sweet! Glad you are feeling better and not still stuck in bed watching old TV shows and pestering peeps on the Chat room! :rofl:

sweet tea man

hope you get that call back i never did when i wanted to order one :whistle:
Call the number in chiefs signature and ask for Daryl. He called me back 10 min after I did. He was on the phone. He's also offering them at half price for the gen 1s for us .org guys if you call
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