Which SUV for me...

Which SUV for me... - Help appreciated!

  • Jeep Liberty

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  • Toyota 4-Runner

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  • Ford Explorer

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  • Nissan Exterra

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  • Landrover

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  • Other (used or new)

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As soon as I get back to work I will be looking seriously into a Nissan Murano. Most of the bells and whistles are included in the base model. There is also a ton of room in the front amd back. Plenty of power and handles great, it also gets good gas mileage. I drove one shortly after the show (while I was working) and was extremely impressed. If money isn't that much of an option I'd look into the Infinity FX45. Killer looks and you can get the 4.5L V8. My first choice untill the International Auto Show this year was the 4-Runner. They changed the seating position in the front so much it is no longer comfortable. I'll never own (purchase) another GM product as long as I live! Every one my parents have ever owned turned out to be a turd. I went against my better judgement and bought a Grand Prix GTP. Without going into details, it will be gone as soon as I get back to work with out delay!!!!

Good luck finding what you want,

This is good info guys. Keep it coming. Right now, I am hot on the Jeep Liberty, it seems the most off-road worthy and small, but powerfull. However, I WILL check out the trailblazer/envoy since so many have recommended it. Thanks guys!!!
guess I'll play me too with Howlin here....I've hada Tahoe for about 3 years now. LOVE it!!! Its been bullet proof.
I ride a '96 Tahoe too. Pulled my boat with it for 7 years and 150K miles. Large and a lot of space inside works for me. I haul construction tools and materials inside. 4x4 is great in the snow (I don't own chains). BUT............

The new Hummer H2 is a SWEET ride. More than enough truck for about anything short of an armed invasion of a small country. I say "GO LARGE!". We live once so enjoy yourself.
I just really hate how the Jeep Liberty. I say anything but it would be nice.

I am not really a GM guy, but my friend recently bought a 95 full size Blazer. It had over 200k on it and it runs and rides great.

Thanks for the info guys. I am still looking around. Seems like ever time I save up a few $$$ for the down payment, I buy another bike or bike parts... grrrrrr.... priorities!