which one


i read on this board since a month , but i  keep some question in my mind.

first: I drive a Eagle talon and i know that the 90-92.5 have the bigs rods , but the discs are too small... the 95 have ...
but Busa seem to be all the same performance and look.
Do you know what i mean?

what do mean by 2000 busa unrestricted? on what??
which one are restricted?

:sad: Yes my first language is French  :cool: . I'm sorry if i make some errors of grammar. Don't be embarassed to correct me.

Thanks  :)
Hey Shummy, The Hayabusa has pretty much remained completely unchanged since it's intro in 1999. This is at least true performance wise. Accept, the 1999 &2000 Hayabusa's were delivered without a top speed limiter of 186MPH, so in theory they might be able to reach the realm of 200MPH. But there are simple fixes to derestrict all other year busa's for not a lot of money.

There are some recall items in 1999 and 2000, but other than colors and little changes the Busa's are all the same...