i fell kind of stupid asking this but i cant get my 2001 happy bus to power wheelie in any gear...
does have anything to do with the stock suspension adjustment's or am i just doing somthing wrong..
please help this is emberising
the guy i talked about in my post "hey guys i met a guy with a busa" was doin some wheelies in front of me..
he seemed to bounce the throttle off around 4 grand or so.
thats done by just being at 4G..then blip the throttle (floor it and let off) then givin it more gas.

now i've never rode a wheelie on a busa, or ever rode a busa yet
...so i wanna see the opinions of the other busa guys' of the board here take on this method.

after he bliped the throttle, he didnt hold it gunned. i could tell he would give it just some and then have to let down a lil bit cuz it would come up quick so beware.

when i rode my friends '00 zx6R i had to blip the throttle at 5500 to achieve best wheelies.
then again, its a less , way less, powerful motor.

i've heard of guys sayin on this board that "yea my busa will pull up just by giving it more gas"
well i cant say they are right or wrong but thats not how the guy i watched did his

dont get me wrong maybe u do just have to give her more throttle.

dont know til ya try



Wolfe, I know what you mean had the same trouble with my bike at 1st. Now with heavy take off my front tire starts to lift without poping the clutch, infact I dont do clutch wheelies. To get it all the way up in 1st gear I open the throttle til about 4 -6000 rpm then back off, then instantly crack way open again. Be careful you will be looking at sky in about 1/2 a second. You can control the front by playing with the throttle then gradually bring he front down hard landings can throw you off. Tires need to be warm for better results and new stickyer pavement makes for better lift too. I did a couple of clutchers in 2nd gear but with heavy throttle in 2nd gear your into 100 mph in no time, so far I'm not into high speed wheelies yet. Oh and one last thing is when above 4000 ft it gets harder to lift it as elevation increases. Soon it will be like the bike took viagra! Hope this helps -Have fun be safe.
thank's for all the reply's but when i try i have the f@#$ing thing at the stop and all it does is take off like a bat out of hell even when i bounce the forks i am lucky to get it a couple of inches from the ground then in no time i am 180 kph
i am lucky to get it a couple of inches from the ground then in no time i am 180 kph [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

That's a good thing!
While all the R1s and Gix 1000s are letting off in order to get back down, your 10 lengths ahead

Just playin'. I am WAAY to new at this bike to give any input, other than BE SAFE and keep the rubber side down!

move your weight back put your foot over the rear break pedal for emergencies that will bring your front tire down. Crankit up to about 5500 rpm back off the throttle then wack it open if you don't get it up I'll be very suprized. Doing wheelies is dangerous especially if you havn't much expirence.Practice Practice Practice make sure you have a good grip on the bars practice 1 finger breaking and 1 finger clutching Try to be SAFE keep the shiny side up Stay Alive to Ride and enjoy that BUSA
Go with caution my friend, before you try and master the long power stands, start off with some minor wheel lifting over slight rises in the road and get use to the feeling of the wheel off the ground particulary with the Busa and at no time attempt "point of balance with these creatures" [they bite] but a good time can be had under hard excelleration in second by letting it rev to around the 5,000 mark and powering off, once the suspention has conpressed...snap the throttle and lanuch but don't go high...practice, I performed a 100 meter mono on the weekend and neary lost it the Busa is weighted to the front for high speed stability..Cheers:5:
I've had mine up a few times but if you aren't careful it can get pretty scary. One thing I do is never, ever try to wheelie it unless I have my solo cap on. The few times I have done it I've thought I had a good riding position and I was still moved back to where my lower back had rested up against the solo seat. It helps with stability too..
Hey Grumpy, you can power wheelie in 2nd gear? Is your busa stock? I can only do that in 1st and 5000 rpm in 2nd the bike is rolling about 50 mph or so.

Oh and Wolfe have you done wheelies on other bikes? The "how to" video I saw the guys recommend bicycles first - then small dirt bikes - then ... sport bikes. Thats the way I did it, I use to do it on bicycles all the time when I was a kid... errrrr... I still do it on bicycles. Infact did a long Bicycle wheelie a couple weeks ago and crashed into a curb and tree. I least I could laugh and limp away. Awheelie crash on my Busa would be catostrophic! Not too mention expensive. Anyway I dont lift it too high and I probly avg 200 ft or so but I love doin it. - Wear your gear / be safe
Dude, Allways remember one thing, if u feel that you have gone to far on the wheelie us your rear brake to come back down. Rolling off the trottle works most of the time ,but the rear brake help on those hair ones. good luck.
G'day Hawaiibusa, by busa has had the managment system changed (the limiters in first and second have been removed) and the fuel inlection rate increased other Mods include a set of Titanium pipes.


Grumpy, I'm hoping to borrow a mates 'Mini-cam' so I can record a 20 minute run up the cost road here in Aussie-land and post it onto the site (hopefully my mates will come along for the ride) one on a Blackbird and the other on a R1, I'll demonstrate how to wipe the road with them...He he