Wheel Lift


I wanted to share a design I have for a wheel lift.

I'm using your typical cheap frame lift. Built some stands to bolt to it. Made some spool
pieces to bolt to the front axel, 5/16 all thread to hold them on. You have to trim the center
brace from the front of the lift so it fits around your wheel.

Its easier to use that wrestling with the lever type stands and you can vary the height to get
the bike level.




That is awesome but i think it would be cost prohibitive. Those jacks arent cheap. Not to belittle your wonderful idea! I like it and will build a few myself! Is it stable on the stands? I suppose by the design you cant take the frt tire off ?
Great idea! I too am wondering about the cost, though. If it's an inexpensive Harbor Frieght item, I'm all for it!
Thats pretty slick, you could modify the brackets to hold the forks and then you could also use it to get the wheel off.
Already had the jack. Used it for a sportster I used to have. Probably paid $50 - 60 at Pep Boys when I bought it.

It's as stable as any other stand of the same width though obviously you don't jump up and down on the bike while lifted.