Lifting a busa

For some work such as suspension work the bike needs to have all the weight off the suspension like changing links.

For those who don't have an overhead crane how do you lift the bike?

When I changed out my links to raise it 1", I used my rear stand to get the rear wheel off the ground then I used a scissor jack to lift it from somewhere around the rear shock bottom bracket (memory is leaving me). I basically balanced the bike using the rearstand as a safety cradle. It worked but i was a nervous wreck doing it afraid it was going to topple over. (actually it was fairly stable).

I was looking at possibly running a plastic coated steel rod through the swingarm axle (since its a clear straight shot thru); then built a bracket I could mount a scissor lift to - to lift the rod, thus the bike. With a stable stand this seems like a possible idea. Any ideas? (plus this concept could be used to build a trailering gizmo - I think)

What do you do? (besides buying a $500 hydraulic bike lift)

excuse the brainstorming

Thanks for the affirmation. I thought that looked like a good place to lift from.

... and thanks gat0r for the link ... I did have a hard time getting past the pic of the girl with her top falling off ...


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Or...... you can remove your L/R side panels and place a car jack under the oil pan to raise the bike high enough to place two jackstand beneath the tabs in the photo on both sides.



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(rlachermeier @ Oct. 07 2006,07:55) Another reason for one of these.....

Another good option..........and for those thinking about adding a center stand will require permanetly removing your cool rear lower fairing.  
I'll just stick with one of the inconvenience ways mentioned earlier and keep all of my cool points  rolln with the lower rear fairing attached.  
the problem i see with the strapless stands is that on the muffler side, when you're going down the road and hit a good bump, the suspension can compress enough that the underside of your muffler bottoms out on the top of the stand leaving a dent in your can. look at the one in the pic and you can see the dents



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I stole this from another thread I posted in a couple months back. The ladder method works great! Just make sure your ladder is rated for the weight on the front or rear.

A while back an innovative boardmember used a ladder with straps to lift his bike.  I don't see why it wouldn't work for the front too as long as the ladder was rated for the weight of the bike.



Also, you can use a rear lift to get the bike up, then jack stands through the frame to hold it up and release the rear.



And if you have the right front stand, one that mounts under the nose instead of the fork tubes, you can lift like you're talking about.



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hey runeight, you get that bar from a True Value? I got one there today has same tag on it lol.


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I use the same foldable ladder.. You can also set it up like a scafold and set it from the front to the back. I've used it to jack the rear, I've usssed it on the front as well. Just run the jack strap underneath the neck. works great! Hell I've had the whole bike dangling from that damn ladder.. it'll squeeck moan and everything else but it hasn't bent on me yet!


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WOOHOO, i just got mine done. Took off the rear belly wing and used a scissor lift with the front wheel in the Baxley I won off the raffle last year and it was a CINCH! TOO easy almost but she's on and runnin great

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