Whats Your Temp? Little Nippy Here!


I really like Northern Wisconsin but sometimes wonder what am I doing? Temp was at 7 a.m. this morning. Wind chill is stupid lower than temp. The deer picture is from a couple days ago. Enjoy your warm climate if you are in one!!!



Clear and 43 right now. Getting ready to ride to lunch. 12 degrees F predicted for Tuesday night, Wednesday morning.
7 with a wind chill of 0 when I took the dogs out this morning. 23 now and will be 70 in two hours.

Day started in Oklahoma City. Connecting in Atlanta, and will be in Orlando next!
Its gonna be cold in Orlando tonight....probably low to mid 30s. You picked a bad day to come to Florida my friend....lol
7 degrees here tonight with wind chills in the -15s. I think I won't ride the Busa to work in the morning.... :laugh:
7 right now with wind chill of -10. Tonight with wind chill is suppose to be -30. Just got 10 inches of snow yesterday and last night. Another 5 coming today
Yeah about the same here.... 2 degrees right now and supposed to drop down to -5 by the morining
10f right now, and still dropping. The CFL bulb in our porch light is so cold, it looks like it's about to go out. :laugh:
Its suppose to be around 3 degree here tonight and the wind is blowing. I guess we are better off then others. You guys be safe out there in this stuff. It can get bad quick.